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Remembering History and Using OurPangea to Address Global Trends

bright ourpangea sun crossroads

Like many times in history, our collective global society is changing. We are at a crossroads. As long as we’re here we have the opportunity to decide to take the best path toward altruism. As global citizens we have an obligation to address this change and luckily, we have the power to decide which path to take together, but we need to first understand our choices.

On one hand, there’s a path that may only escalate international tension and lead to greater world conflict, but there’s another route that isn’t quite as easy to see. This path has started to become overgrown, but the foot trails are still there. It leads to a place where we see cultural differences as an ingredient that makes our combined humanity more interesting; an environment where all citizens of Earth can co-exist with a mutual respect for life without the fear of conflict driven by discrimination. In our past, every crossroad we faced thankfully brought us in the direction that led to the emergence of new improvements and innovations for the greater good.

In the geopolitical sphere, we are noticing disregard for the merits and benefits of peacefulness.  Growing attacks on world minorities and rising xenophobia amidst ideological groups have only increased tension between nations and creeds.  While at the same time military spending across the world is the highest in history, new communities within nations are being born and new alliances are being formed.  Our peace keeping institutions are starting to lose authority, and the fabric of the U.N.’s 1999 “culture of peace” Declaration is being torn apart.

On the economic front, as the world becomes smaller the complexities of international trade are only getting more complicated. We are struggling with a global recession while trending perspectives on Globalization and Localization have transformed many aspects of our human experience. The success of international cooperation in the face of frustration and conflict is direr than ever but increasing uncertainty in the face of global tension makes it more difficult to foster transparency in international collaboration.

This is not meant as a grim post about our failure to coexist globally, it is a call to action to peer over these established ideologies of race, religion, and dogma and try to see what’s best for us all in this world. We can continue down the path towards conflict or we can believe in a better route. We choose to believe that we as humanity, not as a nationality, or a religion, or political persuasion, can choose to take the fork in the road ahead of us towards reestablishing a safe Earth and a more profound peace.

With OurPangea we want to give people a way to see how they can make that better choice. We want to use the untapped power of the Internet to help its best features work in unison, not disparately.  We’re seeing trends slowly turning the social online experience into a more open, contextualized inviting environment, and that is exactly what we need to overcome the cultural barriers that separate us on an individual and national scale. We are conditioned by our past, and OurPangea will give us genuine freedom of creative choice and action to shape our own destiny. It starts with you and spreads to the world.

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