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Hittin’ The Streets

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OurPangea has been busy over the last few weeks! We have begun a full-scale mobilization on the streets of southwest Austin and beyond, surveying the world about OurPangea. The reaction we have gotten from people of all shapes and sizes has been enlightening and encouraging as we continue our mission to help bring the world together. Consistently, we have seen trends in the answers to our questions that only help to further our desire to get OurPangea up and running. We’ve found that the best way to get the conversation going about community is to merely ask about it. What does community mean to you? Is it important to feel connected to your communities? Do you wish your communities were as connected online as they are offline?

These questions, and others, have helped spark the flame in communities. The following responses to these questions are from you, and people like you. These are the people who want to see online communities realize their full potential, and we are working to provide this dream for all to come.

“Community online is more about the individual and less about community as a whole. There are a lot of websites that some communities have but even then a lot of them aren’t trying to bring the community together.” 21 year old F

“Community is often disproportionately driven by advertising for nightlife, etc. It should have more representation of activist groups, citizen groups, etc.” 19 year old M 

“Community is really not very represented online. Everyone connects to things objectively as it pertains to themselves and only really interact with other people to the capacity which they either feel obliged or have something to gain. It’s very easy to stay mostly disconnected to groups except for to the extent you feel necessary.” 25 year old M

“Community online appears to be more exclusive, and status depends more on who you know, instead of who you are.” 24 year old F

Everywhere we look, more and more people have expressed to us their ideas and opinions on communities – how to improve them, how to organize them, what they mean. We are here to bring those ideas – your ideas – to life. The input of average people is a more invaluable resource than any other, because it helps us tap into the true pulse of the greatest community in the world: the human race.

OurPangea Needs Your Help to Unite the World Together!

Hello Pangea Friends & Family,
Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

We need to ask for your help once more…
As mentioned in some of the articles circulating, we’re starting to fundraise which means we need your help in raising money and spreading the word about OurPangea’s efforts to unite the world.   What’s in it your for, you ask?  Good question.  Each funding site rewards and criteria will be different, but here’s a great metric to start with.

Besides the feel good feeling of literally having a hand in uniting the world—well not literally—here’s what you can expect to receive:

$1: A public shout out on our site “hail to… (your name) for supporting us!” in the Our Community page
First access to private site prototype
Limited edition posters from OP shipped to you
Limited edition t-shirt that lets others know you got on the bandwagon early.
A thank you card from founders Noah and Ari, weekly updates from OurPangea to show you what your donation is helping, and the feel good feeling of helping unite our world
A full OurPangea package!  Posters, a t-shirt, and shout out on the OurPangea Our Community page
A custom group made just for you, including photos, name, location, and interest provided by you

We’ll be sending all of the official details out for each initiative this week, so get ready to spread the word to all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Chatroulette, MySpace, Friendster, JuggaloBook, G+, and any other network you love!

The OurPangea Team.’s Dream to Unite the World

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for reading our blog! You might have seen us popping up in articles around the web, but if not here’s the full article for everyone to enjoy!

Recent developments in the tech sphere have helped people begin to realize the world-changing potential of a connected and collaborating online world. To the co-founders of Noah Simon and Ari Franklin, realizations such as this are just the tip of the iceberg for something much more exciting. These two have created, an entirely new approach to social networking.

OurPangea has been conceived to answer some of the most pressing questions of how social networking can take the next great leap in creating more rewarding experiences for users. It is a new kind of network that allows individuals to collaborate with others that share their passions and make lasting impacts on their communities. The system combines different elements from existing online networking models to create a uniquely flexible and engaging experience that flips social networking on its head.

“We’re hoping this proves how woefully inadequate social networks are. While they’re great for things like ads, social networking really leaves a lot to be desired,” says Simon. “We’re on the verge of discovering a new facet of our civilization and it’s exciting. The dream of a united world is pretty much spitting in our faces, daring us to come closer, and we want to meet it head on.”

Simon and Franklin believe in the power of collaborative thinking and hope it can bring about a new age of global interaction, but they believe that current social networks cannot accomplish this goal, arguing that despite all the connections people make on social networking platforms they are ending up feeling less involved in their communities. “Social networks do not give us a sense of belonging. They have demonstrated that people like to be connected to one another but connection alone misses a lot,” Simon continues. “We are all hoping for something more. We all want to be a part of something bigger, and OurPangea will provide that. Once we connect with other users, the site gives those connections meaning and provides the tools that will make interacting and working together easier than ever before.”

Increased speculation surrounding the future of social networks and the recently-popular concept of interest-based community discovery networks including Pinterest and Instagram have been indicative of what users are looking for. “Beyond users wanting something new, the Internet is ready for a completely different type of network, and OurPangea was conceived with this in mind. Everyone wants to understand what our networks can mean to us and use that knowledge to improve our interactions with the world we live in,” explains Franklin. is entering Series A funding and will be participating in Crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter. The site is in development and its private release is anticipated in the coming months. The OurPangea team is excited to see this network’s tools bring about an entirely new online experience that will change the way people interact both online and offline. To learn more, sign-up for updates at and visit the blog at

We hope you’ll continue to follow us and we thank you for your support!

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