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What Was Mine Is Now Ours.

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I want us to move forward faster.

Tech has a long way to go in order for us to get where we need to be. The good news is we’re making progress and we now have a base of innovation we can use as a springboard. We now have a little security we can use to move forward.

Security is what we needed – it gave us confidence. We are comfortable with the idea of being connected to one another. Now, we’re questioning with whom we want to be connected to.

At OurPangea we want to provide you with the answer. We want to show you who you can be connected to. We can provide the security community offers.

We can move forward faster.

When we connect with the people who support us best we are given an opportunity to move forward faster. We will have the people we need supporting us. When we think of tech it’s easy to think of how it’s connected us, what we need to think of next is why we’re connected.

OurPangea is there to help people find security in community. There are a lot of interesting hobbies and fascinations out there.  In your city, where you live, there are a lot of things to be a part of – if only they were easier to find. It’s already there, but it should be there for you.

We can help you move forward faster, in whatever direction you choose.

The credo of community is, “what was mine is now ours”.

Our shared interests, our support, our community.


One Question That Will Prepare You To Change The World

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‘How people have changed the world’ was the initial prompt I was working with for this article. It’s a fascinating topic and one that can be approached and expounded from almost any angle, but I realized what I was more interested in exploring – and hopefully what you’ll be more interested in reading – is the human desire to innovate. Why do people want to make an impact and what pushes some to extraordinary lengths to be impactful while others are content not doing so?

This not a new question and in fact it’s something that’s been explored philosophically, psychologically, and scientifically for decades. Referred to by many thought leaders including Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Abraham Maslow, this exploration topic is intrinsically linked to core concepts behind Hierarchy of Needs, Six Universal Human Needs, and the philosophy of Self Significance. After doing some research I find I agree to a large extent that a large part of the underlying motivation to impact is based around selfish reasons of upping your own self significance (which, in the right hands, is definitely not a bad thing). There’s no question that everyone – even the most innovative and impactful thinkers throughout history like Newton, Galileo, Franklin, etc.—is aware and driven to an extent by what we think the outcome of our pursuits will do for our personal reputation and legacy.  That, after all, is a part of one of the most basic and powerful human desires of all: to belong.

But I think there’s much more to this than simply being self-fulfilling.  Being out to improve yourself can only take you so far. Once things stop going smoothly, you might realize that that initial selfish motivation isn’t enough to make you really care and bring you through the finish line. And when talking about making world-spanning change, not caring is not good.

I’m young and still have (hopefully) most of my life lessons to learn, but here’s my take: To really change the world, whether it be as an individual, a company, or whatever, you need to be driven not just by something that will preserve your legacy, not just by something you think will improve the world. Not even by something you think is critically important to the future of ‘us.’  You need to be driven by energy that cannot be contained short of a nuclear meltdown.  And there’s only one question you need to know if you’re ready or not.

Is this one of the most exciting things happening in the entire world? 

Don’t ask your parents that. Don’t ask your investors that.  Don’t even ask your business partners that. It matters exactly zero percent what they think because at the end of the day, they aren’t the ones pursuing the change you are.

The reason I think an unquenchable driving energy is more important than anything else is because to many world-changers, burnout is a constant.  Will doing something important get you feeling excited again? Does the legacy you would create by changing the world push you through frustration and exhaustion? I think not.

Truly answering ‘yes’ to the question this does a few things.

  1. Eliminates Alternatives. The possibility of quitting is negated because you know nothing will be more exciting.
  2. Makes the Journey the Destination. This makes your pursuit about the journey itself, not about where you end up with it. You are no longer as discouraged by denials and rejection. It’s not  a matter of making money or being recognized.  The energy and excitement you feel ultimately becomes a reward. Getting burnt out no longer seems as bad because you’re so jacked up about what you’re doing.
  3. Spreads Your Excitement. From personal experience I’ve started great professional relationships simply by exuding a lot of energy and passion.  You become someone people want to be around and hear from. Suddenly what you’re working on is never boring, no matter what.

Not thinking what you’re doing is the most exciting thing is not the end all be all, of course (although I think you’d be hard-pressed to find people out to change the world that are not excited about their work).  You’re still going to get burned out and still need to backtrack, sidestep and crawl over obstacles that get in your way. But being completely propelled by your excitement certainly helps and gives you a step up.  When it comes down to just you and that one other person who really really wants to get rich, you’ll come out ahead 9 times out of 10.

The Individual’s Role Within The Community

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It all begins with an idea. An idea is the most precious, valuable, and influential possession anyone could have. Ideas build people, build groups, build communities, build worlds. Ideas turn small sparks into dazzling spectacles of light, drops of water into vast oceans of potential. Any one of us can tap into the amazing framework of imagination to create wonderful things. This is why it is so important for the world to come together and embrace each other – not only to celebrate the great differences of the people, but the great similarities we all possess.

Our ideas create communities within our minds, and those idea-communities bring into real value to the real-life communities we live in. It’s a constant cycle – ideas bring community, community brings ideas, which brings more community. A community could do nothing without the  people to set these ideas in motion. What community could exist without individuals to further their goals?

That is why the individual is so vital and important to establishing strong communities. Everyone, from leader to follower, brain and brawn, most important to least important – every individual plays a great part in each of their communities. They are the sum of their parts and so much more, yet could not function without the strength of great individuals to play their roles in each idea. A community could never succeed without them – without you. We all have our roles to play in the great idea that is the human equation, each of us just as important as the last. Together, we can create the greatest community of all.

The Spirit of Community

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The world is full of communities large and small that bring life. Some are family or friends. Some form around cities or nations, and others form around tables and fireplaces. Communities keep us together, giving us all a place to sit and share our dreams. We create a bond of community with one another in any way we can – sometimes it’s these little things that bring us together to flourish in times of trouble.  Whether as co-workers, friends, or even as neighbors, what we share as a community is invaluable.

This is especially evident in this time of the year, with the holiday season upon us. All around, we hear of families coming together, sharing, and giving to others out of goodness of their hearts, and goodness to their communities. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday you choose to celebrate, the spirit of community unites us.

Personally, I love my family’s traditions for this time of year, and I feel like they truly bring us together as a community. We organize a large-scale Secret Santa-style operation, only with mysterious “brown bag gifts” that we must make or give from our own collections. In the past, I have received precious family heirlooms, poems and works of art, and of course a large number of useless novelty items that have been passed around the country for years and years. It’s always an exciting surprise to see who will get the singing reindeer lowrider, the zebra-print snuggie, or the ever-popular “box full of love”, which is of course just an empty box. These may seem like insulting gifts, but it really is an honor to have any of them for a year.

But our family traditions don’t just end with our own community. The holiday season has also always been about helping the less fortunate, and my father and I, along with several family friends, volunteer to play music at a local homeless shelter to entertain them as they eat the potluck Christmas lunch that we help to donate and prepare. It is fun, heartwarming, and heartbreaking at the same time to be able to help these people by sharing a little of our community with them. Though it may not be much, we try to do what we can and the only payment I could ever ask for is to see the looks of joy and gratitude on their faces. It’s in these moments when I realize what the spirit of community and giving can do for you. Over the years, it has certainly become a humbling and powerful experience for me.

At OurPangea, we want to invite you to bring your community to us, and we’ll share ours with you. Whether it’s your thoughts, your jokes and gifts, or your help and time, our communities provide us the framework to enrich our lives and the lives of others. So in the spirit of this season, we invite you to give – to share, with us and each other. Share with us some of your holiday traditions, some of your hopes, aspirations, and dreams, so that our community may become stronger for now and the future.

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