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The Unguided Social Network III of III

sea water waves pensive personPerhaps they are unguided by choice. Perhaps they are unguided because of circumstance. But no social network can survive without a reason for being. And OurPangea chooses unity. It’ll be opt-in, because you should never feel like you need to join because everyone else is, you should choose to be a part of it because you want to get something out of it.

We, as people, as a people need purpose. We want to grow and learn. And we want to be ourselves. So when we choose our social network let’s make sure they deliver what we need.

We all want to be a part of something; it’s just a matter of choosing what you want to be a part of. The mission matters to us. So when we say we will resurrect OurPangea, when we say we will unite the world, and when we say we are Pangeans we are saying what mission we choose to be a part of. It won’t happen all at once, and we will have to wait, but now, it’s just a matter of time.

Social networks shouldn’t exist to make money alone; their core purpose cannot be selfish. A true social product is about the people it serves, not about itself. Nothing should be done for the glory of the network; it should be done for the glory and good of all. And this isn’t saying that making money is bad, and it isn’t saying corporations are bad. In fact, both of those may be necessary to achieve a mission. In the end, what’s important is the mission.

For OurPangea, we choose culture. Facebook has chosen APIs and advertising as theirs, Google doesn’t want to be evil, and OurPangea wants to unite the world.

It’s simple. It’s cut and dry. It’s the mission that matters and it’s the unguided that fail.

The Move Towards Collaboration

Social networking is arguably one of the greatest testaments to the ‘Me’ generation in terms of the way it has been used.  It has given us each another outlet for ego stroking by self-endorsing our favorite qualities about ourselves to the world.

Now that we are beginning to see the power of social media emerge on a global scale, we finally have the chance and ability to shape something that can come to create and define the ‘We’ Generation.

street sign direction way illustration

You may ask, can we really collaborate online beyond broadcasting our own statuses?  The definition of collaborate is “to work with another or others on a joint project,” and we say we can achieve that and more in an online networking atmosphere.

We’ve reached a pinnacle in the ability of the world to be connected and communicated. We’ve made great effort and taken huge strides in connecting the world, and it’s time to look towards our next pinnacle.  We have the power of a global community, it’s time to use that power to take our step towards uniting the world.  Now, more than ever before, we can do it together.

We say any barriers you can imagine to achieving true online collaboration are just that: barriers.  Obstacles can be overcome and, if you help us, we’d like to break them down.

We want to start with you and with all of us.  With OurPangea.

The Shallow Social Network II of III

stranded white boah beach waterIn some ways, the random collection of ‘friends’ I see in social networks is nice. Despite the fact these may be people I only met once or never see anymore, it can be nice to connect with them by passively reading news stories about things they read on the wall street journal. I really feel like I am getting to know them.

In some ways, the random collection of ‘friends’ I see in social networks makes me numb. Thankfully, algorithms sort my friends for me.  Computers know me best.

It’s comforting to realize my social networks produce real, meaningful relationships with my friends for me. I didn’t realize I could get to know someone I met once at a party in 2006 by seeing what games they play or what articles they read. And of course, what you do does say something about you, but is that how you develop a relationship with someone? By reading about what apps they use? Is that the real them?

Social networks are specialized in helping me collect friends and helping me get to know them based on what apps they use. It makes sense and it is a great model of reality.

You know, there’s something about it. Something’s not quite right. When I was a kid I didn’t get to know someone based on what Pokémon cards they had, I got to know them by trading cards with them. And now that I’ve grown up and moved around the country I am no longer in touch with those old friends; and that’s ok, my situation has changed. But, regardless of relevance, my social network will store them there for me, still showing me what Pokémon cards they are collecting. Still missing the point of why I collected them in the first place.

Something is a little off with social networks and I’m going to fix it. OurPangea will learn from all the things social networks do wrong, and also the things they did right. You’ll get to know me for who I am, not just what I like.

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