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Austin is growing. The rumors say there are a few hundred people moving here every day. What everyone in Austin knows for sure is that construction Downtown is constant, streets are becoming progressively congested with traffic, and after the F1 weekend it’s becoming less unusual to see a Ferrari at a stoplight next to the ‘man-on-a-two-story-bicycle’ Austin-standby mode of transportation.

From our perspective, we know we can’t stop change from happening. In fact, we think change should be embraced because along with every change, no matter how drastic, we see opportunity.  What’s important is being able to remember our history, recognize where we came from and discern why that matters.

So we want to help everyone in Austin preserve what has made it great while it’s still the hidden gem Weird capital of the world. Think of it as an online time capsule made up of your stories.

Why do you live in Austin? What do you love most about Austin? What is your favorite memory?  We want to hear your stories, perspectives, and share them here. Submit your stories and love letters to Austin and see what others have experienced just below the form on this page!

Your Stories

CJ Roell, Resident of Cat Mountain / Manor

“I’ve been in Austin since 1999 and let me tell you I have been witness to some phenomenal changes.
Every time I would come back from college I would have to reacquaint myself with the downtown landscape as yet another skyscraper was put up when I wasn’t looking.
This is not to say that is a bad thing as I fully support the economic benefits associated with the new construction.
However, because things are changing so fast my favorite stories in Austin revolve around things in this city that don’t change.
Some of my best memories of this town involve sitting on the edge of Mt. Bonnell with my friends around me, a beer in my hand, sitting on the edge o a cliff just off the beaten path with my feet dangling off the limestone cliffs in to space.
Even if your life is based around the glitz an glamour of the fast lane, it’s the simplest things that are needed to help you find your center.”

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