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Be A Community Entrepreneur

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In the face of the recent economic downturn, many Americans and world citizens went to work for themselves. What may have started out as harmlessly optimistic ‘funemployment’ eventually led many out-of-work job seekers – young and old  – to look to their own business ideas to get out of the slump. Why not take that excitement and passion and focus it on your community?  Become a community entrepreneur.

While many are still feeling the effects of the recession, the entrepreneurial wave is still going. There’s no reason we can’t put our passions into collaboration to make our communities better. Just the way your business idea will add value to the business world, your interaction and interest in your community will add value directly to your community.

We’re big proponents of helping people succeed by driving them to pursue the passions they love, and there is no more rewarding experience than coming together and collaborating on something bigger than us as individuals.  What better place to begin to realize this than in our own communities? There are always activities to pursue, people to meet, and groups to get involved in.  Every interaction adds to something and you will see that you can shape and influence the area around you for the better.

The recession helped us realize there’s more to being happy at work than sitting at a desk 9 to 5 and having performance reviews with your boss.  There is something about the risks of entrepreneurship that has always embodied the American Dream.  Now we are embracing the personal and professional rewards that being risky in business can yield. Case in point: in 2008 and 2009 alone the first appearances of Spotify, Foursquare, and Shazam surfaced. To a degree, we have the recession to thank.

What does this mean? It means that we are all powerful.  We all have the capabilities to be innovators.  We all have good ideas and when faced with challenges we will always find other avenues to pursue, other ways to feel happy and fulfilled.  Businessmen and women are starting to exploit the thrill of entrepreneurship for their careers.  This independent spirit can similarly be channeled into community improvement.

If you are out of work and frustrated take a look around your community.  What can be made better?  What needs to change?  There are people all around waiting for change to come.  You can be the one to bring it.  Be an entrepreneur for your community.  Who knows, it might just get you a job too.

How to Get From Giving Back – The Importance of Collaboration and Community Involvement

circles overlap glob pangea communityWhen we work in groups, we sometimes find it to be a frustrating experience. You occasionally find yourself at odds with freeloaders or difficult personalities. However, most of the time we can benefit by finding the strengths and passions of each group member and allowing our fellow group-members to play to those strengths and passions. At their best, groups can be much more capable of solving complicated problems than any one individual and learning how to be an active participant in group activities is a skill that can benefit us for the rest of our lives.

This is particularly true in the realm of community service and involvement. Giving back through volunteering hours and willingly participating in community projects not only shines through on paper, it helps us grow as individuals and truly benefits our neighbors. When we find a community project that allows us to use our strengths for the benefit of others, we not only enjoy what we’re doing, we are proud of it.

There are limitless opportunities to give back to one’s community. You can work with and mentor children, you can clean up a park, you can help serve the homeless or build a house. Community involvement such as this can help us discover untapped talents and discover new skills. As group members we can pick up valuable lessons about managing people and maximizing efficiency that can be carried over into other areas of our lives.

Most importantly, giving back is a selfless act that pays great dividends to our neighbors and communities. I doubt if there will ever be a day when everyone sees and appreciates the value of volunteering, but that’s why it remains so important. The people who benefit most from community programs are frequently the ones who cannot do it on their own. When we volunteer we become managers, role models, guardian angels, teachers and, in some cases, heroes. Someday soon the world is going to wake up and realize that we can change the world and the process starts at home.

Let the CrowdFunding begin! We Need Your Help!

Support OurPangea!

Hello Pangeans,
It’s time to begin the crowdfunding campaign! We’ll be announcing our project on Kickstarter and we’ve just launched a campaign on, which you can learn more about here:

IndieGoGo Project

What’s in it for you, you ask?  Good question.  For each site the rewards and criteria will be different, but donating on any site will give you the good feeling of literally having a hand in uniting the world!  Here’s what you can expect to receive as a thank you from our team on IndieGogo:

$1: A public shout out on our site “hail to… (your name) for supporting us!” on our public Community page
Limited edition posters from OP shipped to you
Limited edition t-shirt that lets others know you got on the bandwagon early.
First access to private site prototype
A full OurPangea package!  Posters, a t-shirt, and shout out on the OurPangea home pages
Be one of the founding groups. Donate $1000+ and we’ll make you a custom group!

How else can you help?
Send the word out to all your friends!  We appreciate support in all forms and are thankful for all the help you give!

Here are a few other places to check out and support our projects:

Rocket Hub

We’re kicking off our Kickstarter campaign and all the other crowd funding projects so everyone can have a hand in building OurPangea together.

OurPangea Needs Your Help to Unite the World Together!

Hello Pangea Friends & Family,
Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

We need to ask for your help once more…
As mentioned in some of the articles circulating, we’re starting to fundraise which means we need your help in raising money and spreading the word about OurPangea’s efforts to unite the world.   What’s in it your for, you ask?  Good question.  Each funding site rewards and criteria will be different, but here’s a great metric to start with.

Besides the feel good feeling of literally having a hand in uniting the world—well not literally—here’s what you can expect to receive:

$1: A public shout out on our site “hail to… (your name) for supporting us!” in the Our Community page
First access to private site prototype
Limited edition posters from OP shipped to you
Limited edition t-shirt that lets others know you got on the bandwagon early.
A thank you card from founders Noah and Ari, weekly updates from OurPangea to show you what your donation is helping, and the feel good feeling of helping unite our world
A full OurPangea package!  Posters, a t-shirt, and shout out on the OurPangea Our Community page
A custom group made just for you, including photos, name, location, and interest provided by you

We’ll be sending all of the official details out for each initiative this week, so get ready to spread the word to all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Chatroulette, MySpace, Friendster, JuggaloBook, G+, and any other network you love!

The OurPangea Team.

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