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We The Lonely People: Our History Exploration

“For most of history, man found his sense of community where he lived, with the people among whom he was born and with whom he died. For some that remains true today. But most of us in city and suburb live in one place, and find ‘community’ in another.”
-Ralph Keyes

Ralph Keyes, pop-culture author and community-proponent, speculated that modern marvels which have consistently pushed us forward as a technological society have simultaneously deteriorated our ability to form a sense of community.

Keyes wrote We The Lonely People, the article that the above excerpt comes from, in the 1970s and the technology he was specifically referring to were the household conveniences that diminished the habit of families gathering together as a household ‘community,’ but his perspectives are no less accurate or out of place in looking at modern advancements like the Internet and social media today.  In the short history of these broad technologies, we’ve been given the ability to instantly ‘connect,’ been granted tools to play words with friends across the nation, and now have the power to pinpoint our exact location anywhere in the world in mere seconds.

Over the past two months, right here on our blog we’ve been exploring how our communities have evolved, been shaped, and improved as they’ve grown throughout history. We wanted to look at various events, people, and trends from history to elucidate the power and importance of being able to understand our history. Even more so, we hoped to imagine the possibilities of a world where we’re able to harness the power of our collective past and use that focus to encourage our communities to become stronger and stronger as we move forward into the future.

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How OurPangea Can Help You Change The World

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In the last several weeks we have been writing blog posts about how OurPangea can change the world. We have been talking about communities, education, and the importance of people, and how these relate to each other and our shared human history. All of these elements combine in the ways that OurPangea can change the world.

But OurPangea is not just an entity. We are only a small group of thinkers and writers and doers. What OurPangea needs is for people–those important people–to come together in the communities they love to change the world together. That’s what the spirit of OurPangea really is. It’s not for you to help us change the world, but for us to help you change the world. We want to help people like you who, across history, have shown the creativity and spark to make the world better for you and everyone. The only thing we can ever do is to hope to make it easier for you to change the world, the way you already do with your influence on the lives of your friends, family, and strangers.

Here at OurPangea we want to give you power to influence your communities, to share and collaborate making your community better for the world and the world better for your community. History has never truly had an opportunity like this for our future. For the first time, our technology has caught up to our ambition – we can stop longing for the future and start creating it, before our very own eyes. We can create the communities we desire; we can share ourselves with the world and explore the world to our deepest desires. Not only do we merely have the capability, but with OurPangea we also have the atmosphere of energy, excitement, trust, and community that comes as a part of joining the experience.

History is contextualized by its past, defined by its present, and a springboard to its future; it could be none of these without the extraordinary march of humanity building with each other and for each other. In a new, digital way, we here at OurPangea know that this march, full of the hopes and dreams of millions of ordinary people like you or me, is what will make our community of tomorrow shine forever.

How Education Changes The World

five inspired childreen smiling education

Education is society’s absolute greatest resource – it is the foundation for every possible future we could ever hope for. Education for job training, for the future of the economy. Education for knowledge, for the future of academia. Education for teaching, for the future of thought. All of these things combine themselves in our schools and outside of them to educate us.

Schools aren’t just about academics, though. It’s not all just reading and writing and arithmetic. Learning to develop social skills, work together, and adapt to new ideas is what gives people the spark of innovation and ideas to create the future. Schools teach us to learn how to learn, and therefore learn how to create and change the future. Schools are like little incubators, preparing for the future and unlocking the great power of the mind in each and every one of us.

But there are some things you can’t learn in school. There are some lessons learned from teachers without degrees, outside of classrooms. And each of us becomes teachers in our own ways, passing on our stories, knowledge, and values to other whether we mean to or not. You not only learn something every day, but you teach something every day, too. This is what OurPangea can accomplish on a large scale. By bringing people together to teach one another and share in a universal education to improve the future and present, OurPangea seeks to provide ways for education to flourish and for communities of learning to thrive in an unprecedented new era of technology.

We have gathered the accumulation of knowledge across thousands of years all leading to today, and every day we must step into the future with this knowledge and with the mindset of learning and growing to make this future better than our history ever could have dreamed to be. This is why education is important and necessary for the continued survival of society – in schools or outside of them, of academics or philosophy, the education brings us the knowledge we need to hope for and create the future we desire.

OurPangea For Education

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Education without schools – radical, disturbing, I know.

What I should say is education can exist without schools, but it requires having something to learn from. I grew up with the Internet. When I had questions I could always ask Google. What I really wanted, however, was to hear from other people because other people can validate you in a way a statistic cannot. Education can exist if there are experts we can talk to, and it’d only be better if there were communities of experts we could easily find.

As OurPangea grows we want to see the rise of expert communities. All of those interested people who have done their research, thought about it, and need to discuss should be able to easily connect with communities of like-minded people. They shouldn’t have to spend time searching for those people, they should be able to look at a directory, find them, and start talking.

In a sense, these communities of experts are no different than a classroom; there is simply no teacher, just interested students. Each individual will have their own perspective to share and everyone can learn from each other. Each community can create, collect, and share their ideas. The community itself becomes the teacher, encouraging each student.

I may seem to imply that education is relegated to classical fields such as math, language, and science – it’s not. On OurPangea education shouldn’t be relegated to anything. We want to encourage the arts in the ways our school system cannot. We want to build communities of artists for their sake and for the sake of those interested. There is no limit to what a single person might be interested in and we want to make sure we can connect them to people who share that interest.

It’s disturbing that finding other people with similar interests is so hard. And it will take a radical solution to make the process better. Education without schools is a supplement to the classroom. It’s for all of the things schools can’t afford to teach and encourage. It’s for all of the little things in life that might fall through the cracks if they are not nurtured. And all you need is one person. Just one person who believes in that small interest. Someone to encourage and support you.

OurPangea is built to help you find that one person, for that one interest, in that one moment.

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