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How Social Networking is Shaping a New World

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The world is not the same place it was a decade ago. Much has happened during that time, but perhaps the most formative change has been the rise of social media and the role it has taken in the modern world. Aside from the most obvious benefit of these tools, improved communication and connection, the ways in which people are using social media have continued to evolve and are changing the world.

While some of the most obvious impacts of social media have occurred in the geopolitical sphere, politics have not been the only thing touched by the rise of social media. There has also been a dramatic cultural shift that has been felt across the world. Social media has made the sharing of information easier than at any other time in the history of the world. This has given rise to new trends and hobbies around the globe, has inspired people to try new things and has shown us that we have so much to learn from one another. Parkour, for example, the French martial art of “free running,” became famous overnight because of videos that were shared online.

We have also seen the Internet change modern education with the increased popularity of online continuing education programs and the improvement of educational discourse. Even modern romance has seen changes brought about by the rise of social media. Networks like and eHarmony have helped thousands of people connect and find love. Services like Skype and Facebook have even made long distance relationships more tolerable than they once were.

Considering that these tools and the internet itself are still in their infancy, it will be fascinating to see what other changes await us. Social media has given our generation the power to dramatically alter the way the world works. Let’s make sure that we keep changing it for the better.

If Connection is the Pinnacle of Social Networking, What’s Next?

A few months ago there was an article congratulating Facebook for reducing the degrees of separation from 6 to a little more than 4 around the world. The industry response generally was to laud this news as a crowning achievement of networking to that point.  While the connectivity of social networking has always been an unspoken truth of the Internet, it hadn’t really been publicly presented in such a prominent way until that point, at least not so directly in regards to social networking.

Hearing this news has to make you wonder if this was the plan of social networks all along.  From the perspective that social networking is designed to connect us, Facebook and the rest of the social networking giants have absolutely killed it.  They have made the world a smaller place in their ability to connect people. Taking that a step further if they’ve accomplished what was set out to do, where do we go from here?  What does this connection mean for us?

While it couldmean creating shared experiences and memories together, right now it’s limited to posting a short sentence of what your own feelings are or what you yourself are doing.  Maybe even a photo of the new city you’re in.  This no doubt allows us to broadcast our own experiences with others, but we’re not really sharing them together.

What's Next for Social Networking

“Well I got to the pinnacle of social networking, so here’s a photo of Me jumping off of it”

This conundrum is something we all dislike and want to make better, not something we should be used to doing.  Unfortunately it’s what sharing and being connected online has come to mean.  If we’ve reached the point where connecting people has been solved, then what’s next?  With OurPangea we want to transcend from broadcasting to others to sharing together.  We believe that being connected should mean being able to have a relationship online in a more similar way to how you enjoy your relationships offline.  We want people to recognize online connection as a way to experience and collaborate on the things they love to do together.

Our world is unquestionably now a connected one.  We have harnessed that power.   Now let’s build something bigger and greater with that.  Let’s move past connection and towards unity.  This is what we are striving for.

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