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How Education Changes The World

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Education is society’s absolute greatest resource – it is the foundation for every possible future we could ever hope for. Education for job training, for the future of the economy. Education for knowledge, for the future of academia. Education for teaching, for the future of thought. All of these things combine themselves in our schools and outside of them to educate us.

Schools aren’t just about academics, though. It’s not all just reading and writing and arithmetic. Learning to develop social skills, work together, and adapt to new ideas is what gives people the spark of innovation and ideas to create the future. Schools teach us to learn how to learn, and therefore learn how to create and change the future. Schools are like little incubators, preparing for the future and unlocking the great power of the mind in each and every one of us.

But there are some things you can’t learn in school. There are some lessons learned from teachers without degrees, outside of classrooms. And each of us becomes teachers in our own ways, passing on our stories, knowledge, and values to other whether we mean to or not. You not only learn something every day, but you teach something every day, too. This is what OurPangea can accomplish on a large scale. By bringing people together to teach one another and share in a universal education to improve the future and present, OurPangea seeks to provide ways for education to flourish and for communities of learning to thrive in an unprecedented new era of technology.

We have gathered the accumulation of knowledge across thousands of years all leading to today, and every day we must step into the future with this knowledge and with the mindset of learning and growing to make this future better than our history ever could have dreamed to be. This is why education is important and necessary for the continued survival of society – in schools or outside of them, of academics or philosophy, the education brings us the knowledge we need to hope for and create the future we desire.

Why You (And I) Need OurPangea Pt. III – Looking Back

The last two months here at OurPangea have flown by. We have grown and evolved immensely in the time I’ve been part of the team and our goal is getting clearer every day. The end of my internship is coming up, and I have learned so much about OurPangea’s mission to embrace the future of social innovation. It’s an experience I wouldn’t have traded for anything and is one I fully plan to continue after my internship here is over. I will be spreading the word and helping to coordinate community efforts even though my official position here at OurPangea is coming to an end. Why will I do this? Because OurPangea is important to me. Because I believe that our goals are important and I want them to succeed. Because I believe that OurPangea can change the world. OurPangea can be the greatest tool to bring together communities of all shapes and sizes from everywhere across the world or even across the street.

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But it’s not just me that needs it. You, reader, need it. All of us need it. The future is marked by increasingly doubtful frontiers, full of disparate connections. More and more, the internet is taking a central place in our lives – it is where we live to connect and share with our friends and family. To grow as a human species, we must learn to also connect and share as a global community, learning to discover and build our communities at home and involve ourselves with them. We must use new methods of connection combined with time-tested philosophies of togetherness, both online and offline. That is why OurPangea is so important. OurPangea can synergize these two worlds, the world of our connection online and offline to create a new type of platform that shares our wonderful ideas with each other, unified in our community’s purpose. We as a global community can work to inspire hope in one another and share our connections to make the entire world a better place.

Using OurPangea Within Our Small Communities

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Among the easiest ways to construct a community is by sharing a living space. This can be abstracted all the way out to cities, states, and nations. But it’s not uncommon also for smaller communities to be the most saturated with thriving culture and identity. With OurPangea’s innovative system of networking hyper-local communities, these shared living spaces can connect and interactively these individual cultures together.

I grew up in a small neighborhood called Lamar Park, just off the edge of Corpus Christi Bay, in South Texas. My neighborhood consisted of friends, pets, families, events, adventures and everything one could ask for in a small community. We had community Christmas caroling, 4th of July barbeques, garage sales, carpools, and much more. We created our community based on our shared living space. Every community in the world has the same story. Each of them has created their unique cultures and traditions based on the communication and connection of the people within them.

But a neighborhood is only one way of sharing a living space. More structured living spaces with offices and front desks would have the perfect opportunity to utilize the community organization OurPangea brings. An apartment office could coordinate its communities for the events and social gatherings they hold and the notices they send. Residence advisors could use OurPangea to connect and foster an environment of collaboration for students. An apartment complex or a university residence hall could quickly use OurPangea to create a sense of belonging and networking to the residents within by sharing their common ground with one another. In all cases, OurPangea acts as a springboard for community discussion, gathering, and connection.

The foundation of any community starts with a shared characteristic among its members. OurPangea’s organizational system will organize its communities by these traits, helping individuals come together and share in these communities. Neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and residence halls are the keystones in OurPangea’s vision. By creating communities of shared locations, shared interests, and shared topics, we will create “neighborhoods” that transcend our traditional notions of what a community should be, while at the same time bringing together and sharing all the communities that are.

Why You (And I) Need OurPangea Pt. I

Over the last few weeks as I’ve been working with OurPangea, venturing out into the field to find and develop connections with a unique, deep-rooted community, one question has consistently come up.  It is an extremely important question, vital to the very foundation of this entire project, and without a proper answer OurPangea would never succeed.

“Why do I need it?” they ask. Why do I need OurPangea? What’s the worth to me? To my business, to my life, to my future, my family, friends, community? Why should we care at all?

I will attempt to answer this question over the coming weeks, through blog postings and developments of ideas we have thrown around in the OurPangea meeting room. Our last several sessions have been extremely productive in brainstorming and progressing our strategies for the future of the company. The most important goal has been defining and answering that question: Why do I need OurPangea? Why do you need it? Why would anybody need it at all?

The answer is not simple, and would take a comprehensive essay spanning back thousands of years to retell the psychological development of group theory across human history from caves and fire to spaceships and cat pictures on the Internet. But I am no psychologist, or much of a historian. I think the approach would be much more interesting as told from the perspective of someone who sees the limitless potential of a fantastic new way of thinking. It’s an old adage from a thousand children’s books – the power of friendship and working together can make all the difference in the world. It does seem a little simple, but its applications are everywhere. Marriage is a team effort, as are business efforts and creative endeavors. Sports teams have it in their titles, even. A group is always greater than the sum of its parts because of the synergistic togetherness of teamwork.

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Right now, the Internet does not use teamwork in any way. Facebook is about the individual, emails are one-on-one contact, and everything is designed to give the singular you, the user, your singular personalized best experience. While that is good, it misses on a vital aspect of human experience in community, togetherness, and teamwork. OurPangea is a tool to create those communal aspects while not losing the individual personalization that made the Internet what it is today. We seek to create a community of creators, thinkers, workers, achievers, and believers, and to bring those people together in a strong community of friendship and teamwork.

That is not only why OurPangea needs us, it’s why we need OurPangea.

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