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The Importance of History

historical figures 100 paintingMost inventions are the result of incremental steps taken to improve what we currently have. The human drive to innovate is infinite, but it relies on our understanding of history and progress. The internet could never have been invented without the first computer, which wasn’t possible without the first computer chip, which needed electricity to function, and so on and so forth. The same deduction can be made to understand the history of any industry. It’s critical to understand the history that made our world possible and history isn’t just valuable in framing the nature of innovation. The lineage of every aspect of modern society—from socioeconomic, political trends to pop culture—can be traced back by looking at how we’ve changed the way we do things.

What’s even more interesting are the people that have done the changing. It took the brilliant minds and uncompromising determination of individual humans to discover the Theory of Relativity, to have a dream, and to think different.

As a global humanity we have never really forgotten history.  This is a good thing. However, we don’t really consciously remember it either. Our history, except in the rare world changing cases of a few people, exists in the back of our minds subtly influencing our thinking.  This is one thing we think can be better. We think everyone’s individual history is important. We think we all have valuable lessons to share, even if they aren’t newsworthy or globe-changing. And we want to put this collective knowledge at our fingertips, to make our history important again and resurrect it from our combined subconscious.

So over the next couple months we’re going to be highlighting some of the benefits of knowing our history. We’ll touch on how cross-cultural discovery has impacted the global economy for the better, how many people (famous and unknown) have thought differently, and what social and technology trends have meant to our global culture through the lens of history.

Enjoy! Please let us know what you’re interested in hearing about on our Facebook page!

The Power of Collaboration

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize how collaboration and teamwork actually impact the things we do.  When we bring up ‘collaboration’ what probably comes to mind for most of us are our experiences on sports teams or working with groups on school projects.  Those are all good examples of positive group-think, but that’s not exactly the essence of our message when talk about the power of collaboration.  To us, collaborating doesn’t just mean working together.  It means working towards something more, something that is unattainable by ourselves.  We want everyone to realize they have the potential to create change.   Through collaboration we can bring our greatest ideas to life and make things better.

Some years ago there was a study on the effects of teamwork on IQ testing. The experiment had teams of four people take IQ tests and analyzed their scores as a group versus their individual results. In every case the teams scored at genius-level, which was higher than any of the participants could rank individually. These results hint that when we have access to collective knowledge and experience we do better than when we’re by ourselves.  It implies that we are better when we work together.

We live in a world today where anything seems possible.  New space-age gadgets and technology are announced everyday.  Our access to the world around us is expanding exponentially. We’ve created an unimaginably powerful tool to spread ideas and perpetuate innovation: the Internet.

four young people working together

Pictured: World Changers

And in truth, anything is possible today.  With so many resources at our disposal, four people can do more than score high on an IQ test.  Four people in one room can change the world. 

At its core, OurPangea is about providing a more painless way to collaborate.  The network itself is simply a framework to make finding the people and groups you can work together with easier. There are no limits and restrictions to how we can interact with it.

OurPangea can be used however you want, but our hope is that it will lead us all to collaborate because it makes it easier. We’d like to see OurPangea used as a window to a world of collaboration that you didn’t have before because it was too hard to find.

The Power of a Community Network

One of the most common responses we come across when trying to introduce someone to is the confusion and automatic association with current social networks.  There’s always the inevitable, “Oh, so it’s like [insert social network here].”  In truth, there are a lot of similarities between social networking and Community Networking, but they are not one and the same.  Community Networking is the next step of online networks – taking the proven tools and structure of social networks and combining that with additional networking models, optimizing it for community use.

OurPangea replicates the complex structure of our real-life relationships and therefore lets you interact with your group in a more true-to-life way.  The Community Network not only gives you, the individual user, the ability to define yourself online and connect with other users, it gives this ability to entire communities as well. However – and this distinction is important – it’s not about segmenting the different circles in your network, it‘s about defining the different networks you have, finding where they overlap, and discovering new people and things you’ll love. It creates a living snapshot of our collective cultures to create a window for cross-community transparency, understanding, and collaboration.

When you become a member of OurPangea, you’ll be associated with your location based on the zip code or city you enter on registration.  From there you can find all the various communities, groups, and activities that are around you.  For example, if you’re looking to volunteer in a shelter but don’t have the time to scour the entire Internet to find all of the opportunities in the community, OurPangea makes it easy to find out about all the different groups you can join that are nearby – or in a different location if that is what you want.  If what you’re looking for isn’t on OurPangea, go ahead and create a new group!

So how are groups and communities different from other sites?  OurPangea is specifically designed for communities and groups.  What we mean by this is the quality of on-site engagement and value gained from OurPangea doesn’t decline after you leave the individual-user level. Group tools aren’t a band-aid meant to complement the individuals using the site, this is an effective and dedicated tool that makes group the focus and promotes strong collaboration to improve your group and community experience for yourself and all members.

Within your groups you can do more than just send mass-messages and create events; you can also create projects, assign tasks, and send custom communication to specific group segments – even giving you the ability to hold elections online for a seamless transfer of leadership.

OurPangea is grounded in the notion that we are all visionaries, and together there is no limit to what we can do.  Come together with the rest of your community and see what’s possible.

Collaboration and Multiculturalism in Problem Solving

Even though we take great pride in our country’s rich history as a “cultural melting pot,” birds of a feather can still tend to flock together. Collaboration, the act of working together toward common goals, is one way that we as Americans can really benefit from our nation’s diverse history and customs.

When we work together, whether it is in school, at a community event, a volunteer organization or at work, we are often teamed up with people who come from different backgrounds and life experiences than our own. As many of us know, this can sometimes lead to disagreements, but more often than not, it can lead to unique and well-rounded conclusions that would have been far more difficult to reach on our own. In openly discussing and collaborating on a task, challenge, project or issue with several people at once, we are given an opportunity to see things in a new light. We just have to go into these discussions with open minds and open hearts.

Working together with a group of people often allows us to get to know those people on a much more personal level than we would have otherwise. In discussing issues facing one’s group, we can gain useful insight into who our partners are and how they see the world. These discussions can provide powerful insights into our group’s members’ values, perspectives and personalities. It is insights such as these that can lead to the most complete and perspective solutions to the tasks at hand. It can be difficult to reach such conclusions without a certain degree of diversity in a collaborative effort.

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