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Introducing ‘People’

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Have you ever heard the expression “people make the experience?” It’s a pretty self-explanatory idiom used to express how in certain cases what and where you are doing something is less important that who you’re doing it with.  It’s a tribute to the mindset that anything can be enjoyed –from waiting in line at the DMV or getting stuck out in a rainstorm—when you’re with the right people.

It’s a sentiment I share and I think it’s one that most people would agree with. For one, it’s something I think everyone can relate to. I think everyone has had an experience that has been improved just by being with a group of fun friends.  On a deeper level, I think it’s the people themselves that create a great community.

To illustrate this, just imagine being a part of a community that sounds really interesting, like ping pong, for example. Now think about how that community of ping pong players would be different if you didn’t get along with the rest of the people or thought they were boring. Ping pong is a ton of fun (at least to me), but with the wrong people it’s just as unexciting and undesirable as a tax auditing community (no offense to the tax auditors out there).

Worse, you might begin to see this ping pong community as nothing more than a responsibility you have to organize events you don’t want to go to and coordinate plans with people you don’t want to see.  You could lose sight of the love you had for ping pong and the reason you joined in the first place.  To create an awesome community the setting needs to be right and there’s no better way to create an awesome environment that to get great people together.

This is one of the reasons high school and college students can take trips abroad and have a fantastic time if they like the people they’re with. It’s why Rick felt so at home during his trip to Spain and why Noah and I have developed a love for Austin.  It’s people.

So over the next few months we want to celebrate and recognize the importance of great people in communities. We’re going to be taking a closer look at what makes individuals importance in the scope of communities and how people are the ones who breathe life into our world.  Stay tuned!!

From You To All Of Us

handprints multi-color diverse mural art

Culture means a lot to us – but not just “us” as in OurPangea, but to everyone. It means a lot to you, it means a lot to everyone who’s ever lived. Whether it is in sports or music or travel, education or food or fun, everyone has their own personal expression to contribute to their culture. It’s the expression of our innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions. The most beautiful thing about art is that each work of art, each song ever sung, every game ever played has a deep emotional core that resonates with anyone willing to open their heart to listen. Sometimes that’s the best way to speak – it is the universal language, after all.

That’s why culture is so important to us at OurPangea. Every expression you make is a little window into your life, and what you bring to your community. We want to help you make your culture, and share it with your community and your world. But it doesn’t stop there – you will also be able to experience art and culture from the world over, bringing people from nations afar into your backyard, and bringing your backyard across the world.

Your art, songs, and games can connect in whole new ways with others – maybe even collaborating using OurPangea to create totally new types of sports or music, or finding new places to travel. You can educate yourself about others, discover new restaurants, and find new ways to have fun you’d never have thought of before. With OurPangea, we want to find a way for your personal expression to create a world that you can work and play in, surrounded by those who share in your innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions. We want to set a path for you to connect your culture with community, and connect the community’s culture inside of your own. It’s our own way to express ourselves. Our big dream is helping you to create yours, and to share it with the world. We want to be the springboard for your ideas and the inspiration for your creativity, so that you can share your culture with us and the world to follow.

This Is Not Medium-Ass Canvas, It’s Big Ass Canvas: A Look Back On Our First Sponsorship

street art viewers artists collaboration

For anyone who wasn’t in Austin to see Big Ass Canvas two weeks ago it was a very cool community experience and, we are proud to say, our first sponsorship opportunity.

street art sponsor collaborative project

When we met creators Zach Horvath and Travis Huse and learned about the idea they were putting together, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to encourage collaboration within the Austin community. The concept is centered around showing people what they can produce together through collaboration, and the execution worked perfectly in that regard. Zach and Travis put the Big Ass Mission best: “Big Ass Canvas is a cooperative art experiment that wants to bring in all the people of Austin…When great people come together with a common goal and a common focus…forget about it. It’s game over.”

On their giant blank canvas, the artistic contributions started out as a smattering of squiggles and doodles and very quickly transformed into a high-quality piece of art, which you can see in the amazing timelapse they put together after the fact.

Big Ass Canvas plans to post up a few more Canvases this month (Big Ass Canvas 2 is this Sunday, May 20th at Peria’s on 1400 S Congress), culminating in an Auction to sell these public works of art and raise funds for Explore Austin, a local non-profit that helps underprivileged kids with education and leadership experiences.

Zach and Travis are truly passionate about the same causes that we are and it was incredibly refreshing and encouraging to not only meet like-minded people, but see the powerful results of that mindset come to life through Big Ass Canvas. We look forward to the next canvas installments . Thanks again to the Big Ass Canvas team for letting us get involved with such a great project!

Do you have good examples of communities coming together or ideas that you think we should get involved in?

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