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How do I fit into the world?

For most of our lives we seek to discover who we are and what we are here to do. In a world so vast with so many paths to walk, how do we know what the right choice for us is?

Simply put, we feel. Our heart guides us towards the experiences that nurture our soul and help heal wounds that may be invisible to everything but our spirit. And we trust. As we walk the path of life we trust that we will meet the right people and learn the lessons we need to learn. Every moment we are growing and developing into the most true version of our self.

It’s such a special experience, being alive and living. There’s joy and sadness mixed between the days and it’s these serene paradoxes that make life worth living.

We’ve all lived in the physical world for most of our lives and many people I know dream of exploring new cities and hearing new stories. There are so many places to visit on this planet and it’d be a miracle if we were able to see them all. How exciting it would be to meet people from all over the world and understand how they see the world and their place in it; perhaps even, they may become our friends.

This project was started to give us as individuals the chance to tell our stories and see how we fit all fit together. As we connect with our community and make our contribution there, we see how we connect with our city, and state, and country, and all the while we’ll be learning about how we fit in the world and global family we call humanity.

It’s unique opportunity to be alive and living.

Yet here we are, dreaming of who we’ll become tomorrow.

Why care about your community?


I grew up 6000 miles away from my relatives and have been fortunate beyond all imagination to have a family adopt me and raise me as their own. While I’ve grown older and gained more perspective, one thing that has become clear to me is that without community I would never have survived.

Community provides a world of opportunity where before there was none. It’s the medicine we all seek. I’ve found friendship and love. Creativity and destruction. When I’m with a community I feel invincible.

No doubt, it’s a special feeling being with other people. It’s warming in a way clothes could never quite match. Everyone has a unique personality and it’s a wonder to meet everyone and get to know them for who they are. People are special and everyone is working to build a life for themselves.

If I can help people live their best life, then I’ll be right there helping. I love to call my job leadership, but more often it feels like being a friend.

Without the kindness of others I would never have gotten to where I am. It’s truly a blessing to be in the company of this community and more than anything I wish to share that with you.

OurPangea is a community network. I want to leave the world a better place and to tackle the greatest problems we as humanity face. If all I do is inspire people to work together and see each other as family, than I’ll consider my life lived well. The world may seem large, but with your help we can make it as intimate as any family. We are all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters and as we learn to see each this way, perhaps the world will start to feel more like home.

I smile when I think of a future where no one ever feels alone and together we all have the life we wish we were living.


How can I be a leader?

Leaders are rarely sought after; more often, they emerge. There’s a special combination of confidence and opportunity that enables leaders to drive home a point or forge new opportunities. Above all, good leaders demonstrate the ability to manage paradox and support the accomplishments of others without lauding their own. In an ever changing world that is evolving faster and faster, the question we ask ourselves is, “How can I be a leader?”

Looking at the situation around the world reveals to us that humanity is becoming more connected and a return to our spiritual roots is being ushered in. It’s a period of time when we as individuals and communities are leading the world towards a celebration of unity. The actions we individually take is setting the tone for generations to come.

There is reason to be happy!

The examples of local leadership are countless so we’ve chosen a few stories that relate to OurPangea’s ethos.

All around Austin we seeing a return to locally grown food where people all over the city are reconnecting with Gaia by nurturing the land. We are healing our planet.

We have the chance to live in the “live music capital of the world” and it has some great perks. We enjoy a thriving and diverse local music scene that brings together community and helps us develop bonds of trust. We see the entire city learning to dance together.

And finally, we are seeing a cultural renaissance take place as programs like #UniteAustin challenge the city to work together and find new opportunities to collaborate. People want to reconnect and be with each other! It’s a special time to be alive and participating in what is unmistakably an evolution of human consciousness.


How would the world be different if everyone was equally informed?

At the very top, global leaders who hold rank and position have a clear picture of our planet’s current situation. We have buzzfeed.

This disparity of information makes it nearly impossible for us as individuals to truly think as a planet. Not because we aren’t smart enough, but because information isn’t distributed equally. Everyone is a genius, but if we measure a fish’s ability to climb a tree it will spend its entire life thinking it’s simple. We should ignore false comparisons and focus on what makes us great, our individual freedom of expression. It’s our experience and knowledge we’ve collected that becomes the groundwork from which we create our art, and all art is genius. So the more you know and experience, the more beautiful your freedom becomes. Art is an expression of life.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all raised to see the world the same way global leaders do. Is it possible that the collective 7,000,000,000 people we share the planet with would create solutions to our problems and be able to implement them? Would we ever fight a war if we knew everyone as our neighbor?  How would we feel if we fell in love with each other’s freedom?

OurPangea seeks to answer these questions as we join together and experience our rise in unity.


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