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OurPangea As A Team

OurPangea is built by people. And transforming an idea into reality is a process, a fun one. What I’ve learned is that it’s a process best done by a team.

two cats teamwork fence gray white

Teams are interesting. Everyone brings their strengths, but also their weaknesses. It’s a matter of figuring out how to motivate everyone towards a single goal and helping each member apply themselves in that direction. Celebrate strengths and help with weaknesses.

Networking around Austin has opened my eyes to the wonderful diversity of people, but what strikes me most is that everyone has something that makes them happy. It’s incredible how diverse these things can be, and it makes me wonder how many people out there share the same interests with me? If only we had OurPangea to help.

While networking around Austin has opened my eyes to the granularity of people, the granularity of people has opened my eyes to the similarities. Austin is a weird place. So weird they probably take that as a compliment… There are so many people here, but at the root of everyone lies the same hopes and fears. It’s kind of wonderful.

At the root of OurPangea, we hope that each user finds a similar experience. That of difference and acceptance. When everyone is working towards the same goal, in this case representing culture we will have to accept the differences along with the similarities, both strengths and weaknesses.

Teams are interesting because of their diversity. United toward a single goal we learn from the strengths of others and hope to improve our weaknesses. It’s an interesting experience where we learn the value of others, but most importantly we learn how to value others.

What Does It Mean to Affect?

Standing in a flowing river, I find a pebble in my hand. I float along, the pebble is lost and the river changed forever.

Something given, something changed forever.
This is affect.

cloud scribble affect illustration

Credit: James Jean

My prompt this week was something new. “How OurPangea affects the culture of the Internet”, it was also daunting. Should I start with OurPangea or should I start with the culture of the Internet?  I chose neither.

To me, this prompt was asking about affect, not OurPangea and the Internet. It was asking, how does one affect another? How do You affect the Internet? How do You affect the world?         Questions all equal, all interesting.

Questions all pointed towards revealing a sacred principal of OurPangea – You affect.

In your big actions and small actions. In public actions and private actions. You affect.

This basic idea courses through the DNA of OurPangea. Our goal is to show people that every little thing they do affects; and their affects are their contribution, for better or worse, to their community and beyond.

This is affect.
Something given, something changed forever.

Browsing OurPangea, others give to you. Engage with OurPangea, you give to others and OurPangea will be changed forever.

This is how OurPangea affects the culture of the Internet.
This is how you affect your culture.
This is your affect.

Austin Music Culture

acl sxsw concert fest trumpet colorful collage faces

The Austin community is the strangest, most diverse, and most identifiably unique community I’ve ever seen by far. It contains contradictions – the monolithic institutions of the University of Texas and of the Texas government, which date back centuries contrasted with the constant influx of youth and innovation in the city. It contains a sense of tight-knit togetherness – shopping local, eating local,and being local are so important in Austin. It contains so many different types of communities that form synergy and work together  from coffee shops to concert halls, from football fields to food trucks. Austin’s iconic figures are similarly idiosyncratic – how many cities can boast residents as unique and different as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Willie Nelson, Chantal Jones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Karl Rove, Dan Rather, and Drew Brees?

But by far, Austin’s identifying feature is the music. It is the Live Music Capital of the World, after all, home to one of the largest music festivals in the country. Austin City Limits (both the television show and the festival it spawned) have been integral parts of Austin for decades, bringing Texas musicians and artists to the world, and bringing worldwide artists to Texas. Each has their own prestige – the TV show is the only television show to have ever won the National Medal of Arts, and the festival is home to more than 70,000 fans nightly over the course of two weekends in autumn, making it for a brief moment its own community.

Austin is also home to one of the largest film festivals in the country, called SXSW or South by Southwest (which, of course, also doubles as a music festival), and a new emerging festival called Fun Fun Fun Fest. Austin’s 6th Street is legendary throughout Texas (especially the college-agers!) as an amazing place for fun, drinking, and dancing, and has treated many an Austinite to the triumphs of trials of a twenty-first birthday. The street is lined with shops, bars, concert halls, clubs, and enough entertainment to make your head spin. I can attest personally to the variety I’ve seen there – in the last few years alone I’ve seen bluegrass, heavy metal, classical, hip-hop, folk, jazz, and indie rock shows all up and down the street.

It’s not just music, art, and dancing, though – just this month, Austin’s brand new F1 track opened for its inaugural race, bringing over a hundred thousand racing fans worldwide to experience the city. This is also nothing to say of the 100,000-plus-size capacity of Darrel K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, the iconic football field which fills with the roaring chants of fans every fall Saturday. Each of these major events has left its own indelible stamp on Austin, and exposed our community to newcomers from near and far, showing just how unique our growing community is.

With all the attention Austin has attracted over the last several years, it’s no wonder that it has become a hot destination for young and old people alike, from nations all over the world and cities all over Texas. It’s no wonder that Austin has become OurPangea’s home, for us to explore the possibilities of community, and it’s no wonder that we have learned so much from our experience in this wonderful city.

Our Cultural Introduction

continents flag collage map

From looking at previous posts, it’s probably obvious that we at OurPangea consider history to be important. But one of the reasons we think it’s so critical to understand is because in the scope of global civilization, history is inescapable and cannot be limited to any singular culture. Not only can history not ignore any culture, it transcends all by examining the interactions of ethnic groups with different cultural customs. Comparing and contrasting these different cross-cultural exchanges sheds light on both historical and present-day events.

Indeed many of the historical events we have explored –like the spice trade and Erastothenes—are mainly significant because they involved the interaction between one culture with another.  Along this vein, in our posts over the next couple months we are going to explore some amazing cross-cultural partnerships that have effected society and imagine how we at OurPangea want to make an impact by empowering diverse cultures and societies to interact, connect more meaningfully, and hopefully lead to a more enhanced level of global understanding and congruence.

What if Alexander the Great had never conquested?  Or if Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay had not developed such a strong bond on the climb up Everest? It’s hard to imagine how our world might be different if the inter-mingling of cultures hadn’t occurred.  So over the next few months we’ll be exploring these ideas as a tribute to the wonderful cultural melting pot that embodies our world.

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