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How can I be a leader?

Leaders are rarely sought after; more often, they emerge. There’s a special combination of confidence and opportunity that enables leaders to drive home a point or forge new opportunities. Above all, good leaders demonstrate the ability to manage paradox and support the accomplishments of others without lauding their own. In an ever changing world that is evolving faster and faster, the question we ask ourselves is, “How can I be a leader?”

Looking at the situation around the world reveals to us that humanity is becoming more connected and a return to our spiritual roots is being ushered in. It’s a period of time when we as individuals and communities are leading the world towards a celebration of unity. The actions we individually take is setting the tone for generations to come.

There is reason to be happy!

The examples of local leadership are countless so we’ve chosen a few stories that relate to OurPangea’s ethos.

All around Austin we seeing a return to locally grown food where people all over the city are reconnecting with Gaia by nurturing the land. We are healing our planet.

We have the chance to live in the “live music capital of the world” and it has some great perks. We enjoy a thriving and diverse local music scene that brings together community and helps us develop bonds of trust. We see the entire city learning to dance together.

And finally, we are seeing a cultural renaissance take place as programs like #UniteAustin challenge the city to work together and find new opportunities to collaborate. People want to reconnect and be with each other! It’s a special time to be alive and participating in what is unmistakably an evolution of human consciousness.



How would the world be different if everyone was equally informed?

At the very top, global leaders who hold rank and position have a clear picture of our planet’s current situation. We have buzzfeed.

This disparity of information makes it nearly impossible for us as individuals to truly think as a planet. Not because we aren’t smart enough, but because information isn’t distributed equally. Everyone is a genius, but if we measure a fish’s ability to climb a tree it will spend its entire life thinking it’s simple. We should ignore false comparisons and focus on what makes us great, our individual freedom of expression. It’s our experience and knowledge we’ve collected that becomes the groundwork from which we create our art, and all art is genius. So the more you know and experience, the more beautiful your freedom becomes. Art is an expression of life.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all raised to see the world the same way global leaders do. Is it possible that the collective 7,000,000,000 people we share the planet with would create solutions to our problems and be able to implement them? Would we ever fight a war if we knew everyone as our neighbor?  How would we feel if we fell in love with each other’s freedom?

OurPangea seeks to answer these questions as we join together and experience our rise in unity.


The Path Forward

We all wish there was a simple solution to our complex world. A magic button we can press and overnight the world is fixed; no more need for violence, abundance for everyone, freedom of expression, richer community, a stable peace. We yearn for these things, yet every morning we wake up and find the magic button we pressed hasn’t fixed the world overnight. So we begin to search for heroic stories to follow. We seek people who are taking a stand and championing their unique vision of a better future; we look for people who inspire us ~

And as we look for these heroes and watch their progress, we discover a simple truth – fixing the world doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time. And instead of finding individual heroes, we realize that collectively, We The People are the heroes and it’s our collective story that defines the future of our world. We are the champions working to build a better world and our needs are the needs of humanity. So as we continue to do our part by cultivating a safe home for ourselves, we continue to cultivate a safe home for humanity.

It’s no mystery that our planet is under stress. Environmentally we have ravaged the land and polluted the waters. We are fighting wars on every continent and countless innocents are under threat. The media shares only a narrow story while We The People are left in the dark. But not everyone has remained in the dark.

Now more than ever we are seeing the youth take to the streets and shining their light! We are participating in a global enlightenment. Across the world people are waking up.

It is a wonder how a planetary awakening comes to be, and truth be told, there is a secret ingredient we know of. When we create opportunities to work, think, and learn together we change the course of history. We know the more we practice collaborating, the more benefit we create and the healthier the planet becomes. The story of humanity’s ascension is driven by our collective hero narrative and the more pages we share together the brighter the future becomes. Sharing and collaboration is what defines us as humanity.

OurPangea is the story of humanity’s triumph. We are awakening.

This blog has been dormant for a stretch, but we’re revamping our efforts and will be using this as a platform to help tell the story of humanity’s awakening as told by We The People.

Save the planet

Community – The Roots of Life

Great article on the symbiotic nature of community!

Reposted from More Than Gold a place for things of true value:


The Roots of Life

Imagine a tree, towering above the shrubbery, providing shade for all things below it. A stoutly behemoth that uses its innate wisdom to cultivate various forms of life.

Abundance and prosperity surround this timeless epicenter, undoubtedly caused by the fruit naturally produced through energy gathered from thousands of leaves and nutrients absorbed by a complex underground network. Whether that fruit is taken by another creature as sustenance or left to decompose their life is returned to the earth in a symbiotic dance of life.

What allows the tree to bear its fruit?

Well that is quite simple, it’s the life sustained by its roots. Of course there are leaves that gather energy and limbs that extend them out, there is even a sturdy trunk that holds the weight of all the limbs, leaves and fruit.

For most trees though none of this would be possible without an anchored base to build upon that provides a consistent supply of nourishment. By all means do not get me wrong the tree requires every part to function in order to produce a delicious treat that allows them to propagate.

Recognizing the parallels of life.

A common trend in life is that most organisms are comprised of individual organs working collaboratively. Whether they are as simple as the parts of a tree or you break it down to the microorganisms that function within our plasma and allow us to assimilate nutrients. T

hat simple perspective can be applied to most things large or small of course maybe they don’t all tie in to a tree as neatly but that is the fun when trying to reduce the complex down to it’s simple components. What seems to be overlooked, is that human beings may be complex organisms, but we are still just part of a super organism that sustains our very existence.

Calm down this is not just some tree hugging hippie telling you take care of planet earth, the truth is I am much more interested in taking a holistic approach for the world I borrow from my children. I consider the current state of our beautiful blue spaceship and the chaos of its inhabitants merely symptoms.

Getting to the Root

People have to rely heavily on resources owned by companies that are so effectively designed for profit that malignant AI has been created and gone unnoticed. Mega corporations skilfully  crafted to operate with callous efficiency, a supercode of a sort that was intended to run upon the human operating system.

A distinction made about our current era in history is that people are enabled to connect on an unprecedented level of speed and range. On the opposite side of that coin comes the concept that we now feel more isolated than ever recorded.

Would the problems of this world be perceived as insurmountable if we were able to rely on the cooperation of our co-inhabitants to resolve them?

It seems like a childish question to ask, most people can admit that there is nothing that can’t be accomplished by some diligent people working towards a common goal. Well I am willing to ask about the elephant in the room, why don’t we all just start working together?

Tin foil hats aside.

The answer can be reached very simply, when the limb is severed from the tree the leaves are the first to die. We are slowly disconnecting from the very organism that supports our growth. There is a greater human consciousness at work within this world, one that our ancestors revered and their oppressors feared.

The sleeping giant that will change the world, is not just the american public or even the millennials but the good people of this world. We all do the best we can with our own resources and knowledge but know that we can only accomplish so much alone. Neighbors around the world are inviting each other over for dinner and entrepreneurs are lending their expertise to their communities.

These are just common gestures of a community, that are normally limited to smaller regions due to lack of proper organization or communication. In times past we could say it was too hard for people work effectively across larger distances, if not just because the delay in communication. The current capabilities in communication would say that excuse seems pretty flimsy.

Growing the roots.

With all of the developments in technology one could say the human tree has been moved from its staging pot to a big open forest. The root system was too crowded in it’s previous environment but now it has room to grow. People are enabled to connect in incredibly remarkable ways, distance is truly becoming an illusion and cooperation is becoming even more common.

With more than 7,000,000,000 people on this planet for you to think that you are alone means your not paying attention. we can accomplish so many great things as soon as we start seeing the similarities in people not the differences.

A great way to change your perceptions of others is by spending more time with them. The more often you find yourself amongst people with common interest, the easier it becomes for you to accept their differences and then eventually you will respect the opinions of others.

To paraphrase a popular song, “What better place than here, what better time than now?”

So let’s rebuild our communities in the way we see fit, for our own lives not the ones we have been told we have to live. It’s time we start building our communities so that we can see a positive change even the tiniest of ripples can creates waves.

I will leave you with one last question before I end this. if you were empowered through a network of supportive people, what would you like to accomplish to improve the general quality of life for others?

As always you are worth MORE THAN GOLD.



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