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How would the world be different if everyone was equally informed?

At the very top, global leaders who hold rank and position have a clear picture of our planet’s current situation. We have buzzfeed.

This disparity of information makes it nearly impossible for us as individuals to truly think as a planet. Not because we aren’t smart enough, but because information isn’t distributed equally. Everyone is a genius, but if we measure a fish’s ability to climb a tree it will spend its entire life thinking it’s simple. We should ignore false comparisons and focus on what makes us great, our individual freedom of expression. It’s our experience and knowledge we’ve collected that becomes the groundwork from which we create our art, and all art is genius. So the more you know and experience, the more beautiful your freedom becomes. Art is an expression of life.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all raised to see the world the same way global leaders do. Is it possible that the collective 7,000,000,000 people we share the planet with would create solutions to our problems and be able to implement them? Would we ever fight a war if we knew everyone as our neighbor?  How would we feel if we fell in love with each other’s freedom?

OurPangea seeks to answer these questions as we join together and experience our rise in unity.


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