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How do I fit into the world?

For most of our lives we seek to discover who we are and what we are here to do. In a world so vast with so many paths to walk, how do we know what the right choice for us is?

Simply put, we feel. Our heart guides us towards the experiences that nurture our soul and help heal wounds that may be invisible to everything but our spirit. And we trust. As we walk the path of life we trust that we will meet the right people and learn the lessons we need to learn. Every moment we are growing and developing into the most true version of our self.

It’s such a special experience, being alive and living. There’s joy and sadness mixed between the days and it’s these serene paradoxes that make life worth living.

We’ve all lived in the physical world for most of our lives and many people I know dream of exploring new cities and hearing new stories. There are so many places to visit on this planet and it’d be a miracle if we were able to see them all. How exciting it would be to meet people from all over the world and understand how they see the world and their place in it; perhaps even, they may become our friends.

This project was started to give us as individuals the chance to tell our stories and see how we fit all fit together. As we connect with our community and make our contribution there, we see how we connect with our city, and state, and country, and all the while we’ll be learning about how we fit in the world and global family we call humanity.

It’s unique opportunity to be alive and living.

Yet here we are, dreaming of who we’ll become tomorrow.

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