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How can I be a leader?

Leaders are rarely sought after; more often, they emerge. There’s a special combination of confidence and opportunity that enables leaders to drive home a point or forge new opportunities. Above all, good leaders demonstrate the ability to manage paradox and support the accomplishments of others without lauding their own. In an ever changing world that is evolving faster and faster, the question we ask ourselves is, “How can I be a leader?”

Looking at the situation around the world reveals to us that humanity is becoming more connected and a return to our spiritual roots is being ushered in. It’s a period of time when we as individuals and communities are leading the world towards a celebration of unity. The actions we individually take is setting the tone for generations to come.

There is reason to be happy!

The examples of local leadership are countless so we’ve chosen a few stories that relate to OurPangea’s ethos.

All around Austin we seeing a return to locally grown food where people all over the city are reconnecting with Gaia by nurturing the land. We are healing our planet.

We have the chance to live in the “live music capital of the world” and it has some great perks. We enjoy a thriving and diverse local music scene that brings together community and helps us develop bonds of trust. We see the entire city learning to dance together.

And finally, we are seeing a cultural renaissance take place as programs like #UniteAustin challenge the city to work together and find new opportunities to collaborate. People want to reconnect and be with each other! It’s a special time to be alive and participating in what is unmistakably an evolution of human consciousness.


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