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The Path Forward

We all wish there was a simple solution to our complex world. A magic button we can press and overnight the world is fixed; no more need for violence, abundance for everyone, freedom of expression, richer community, a stable peace. We yearn for these things, yet every morning we wake up and find the magic button we pressed hasn’t fixed the world overnight. So we begin to search for heroic stories to follow. We seek people who are taking a stand and championing their unique vision of a better future; we look for people who inspire us ~

And as we look for these heroes and watch their progress, we discover a simple truth – fixing the world doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time. And instead of finding individual heroes, we realize that collectively, We The People are the heroes and it’s our collective story that defines the future of our world. We are the champions working to build a better world and our needs are the needs of humanity. So as we continue to do our part by cultivating a safe home for ourselves, we continue to cultivate a safe home for humanity.

It’s no mystery that our planet is under stress. Environmentally we have ravaged the land and polluted the waters. We are fighting wars on every continent and countless innocents are under threat. The media shares only a narrow story while We The People are left in the dark. But not everyone has remained in the dark.

Now more than ever we are seeing the youth take to the streets and shining their light! We are participating in a global enlightenment. Across the world people are waking up.

It is a wonder how a planetary awakening comes to be, and truth be told, there is a secret ingredient we know of. When we create opportunities to work, think, and learn together we change the course of history. We know the more we practice collaborating, the more benefit we create and the healthier the planet becomes. The story of humanity’s ascension is driven by our collective hero narrative and the more pages we share together the brighter the future becomes. Sharing and collaboration is what defines us as humanity.

OurPangea is the story of humanity’s triumph. We are awakening.

This blog has been dormant for a stretch, but we’re revamping our efforts and will be using this as a platform to help tell the story of humanity’s awakening as told by We The People.

Save the planet

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