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This is what we see when the lights go out.

This is what we see when the lights go out.

When the cities go dark,
When we disconnect from phones and games,
We see our home.

The calendar year 2013 has drawn to a close, and as we celebrate the new year we at OurPangea are hopeful and full of joy. 2014 will be a great year for everyone. No doubt with its ups and downs, but nonetheless, the change will be positive and good.

We accomplished a lot this year. We developed strong support and drew together the right team to build OurPangea. So take a deep breath, it’s getting close.

At the start of this year we give thanks to all those we worked with. To name a few:

Ari, thank you for your time and steadfast dedication. You are making positive impact wherever you are and for everyone you work with.

Vern, Trent, thank you for tackling such a crazy project and thank you for sharing the vision with me.

To my parents, family, and friends, thank you for your endless encouragement and support. You are the world to me.

Thank you all.

2014 holds great promise that I hope to share with you.

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