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Culture Revisited

“Culture is the process by which a person becomes all that they were created capable of being.”
-Thomas Carlyle

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Culture is, and will always be, an enduring asset and indestructible value of every civilization.  It  can be traced back before the indoctrinations of modern society and the establishment of ancient society, even across species. Every pack, every tribe, every collection of close-knit community has a unique culture.

For me, it has always been important to see through the eyes of others, to put myself in the shoes of strangers and friends. I believe that what people want to believe in is beyond dispute and I’m not interested in changing beliefs. I think that by actively trying to see the world through the eyes of someone else I can get a new perspective about what people believe in and why they believe in that. I am fascinated by people and I also believe that every single person has their own culture. I want to understand how people define and shape their unique culture.

OurPangea is a personal mission to help people see the world the way others see it and understand that while we might all be living in the same world, everyone sees it through a different lens.  Different motivations, personalities, and relationships create an amorphous web of cultural interaction found in the broad strokes on international exchanges and in the minutia of day-to-day living.  And finally, I believe that we all need to make cultural compromises on an individual level and broad scale to live together best.

Those are just my opinions, and we’ve addressed many more over the past few weeks in our articles.  Here’s a full list of all of our culture-oriented articles from the past couple months!

Our Cultural Introduction
Amazing Cross-Cultural Partnerships: Bringing the World Together
Community: An Amalgamation of Smaller Community Groups
Musical Connections Across the Globe
Lovable Differences
Traveling Music
Austin and OurPangea: Preserving the Hidden Gem Weird Capital of the World
Austin Music Culture
The Beautiful Game
From You To All of Us
The World is Shrinking!
What Does It Mean to Affect?
The Importance of Teamwork
What Does Culture Mean to Community?
The Spirit of Community

What topics do you want us to explore??

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