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From You To All Of Us

handprints multi-color diverse mural art

Culture means a lot to us – but not just “us” as in OurPangea, but to everyone. It means a lot to you, it means a lot to everyone who’s ever lived. Whether it is in sports or music or travel, education or food or fun, everyone has their own personal expression to contribute to their culture. It’s the expression of our innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions. The most beautiful thing about art is that each work of art, each song ever sung, every game ever played has a deep emotional core that resonates with anyone willing to open their heart to listen. Sometimes that’s the best way to speak – it is the universal language, after all.

That’s why culture is so important to us at OurPangea. Every expression you make is a little window into your life, and what you bring to your community. We want to help you make your culture, and share it with your community and your world. But it doesn’t stop there – you will also be able to experience art and culture from the world over, bringing people from nations afar into your backyard, and bringing your backyard across the world.

Your art, songs, and games can connect in whole new ways with others – maybe even collaborating using OurPangea to create totally new types of sports or music, or finding new places to travel. You can educate yourself about others, discover new restaurants, and find new ways to have fun you’d never have thought of before. With OurPangea, we want to find a way for your personal expression to create a world that you can work and play in, surrounded by those who share in your innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions. We want to set a path for you to connect your culture with community, and connect the community’s culture inside of your own. It’s our own way to express ourselves. Our big dream is helping you to create yours, and to share it with the world. We want to be the springboard for your ideas and the inspiration for your creativity, so that you can share your culture with us and the world to follow.

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