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Lovable Differences

beach waves sand writing different

Your differences are your own. Share them. Embrace.

At our root, we are all different. And it’s easy to push that to an extreme and entertain thoughts of chaos and disorder. Yet, it’s just as easy to remember that these differences are ultimately what draw us together. Adversity breeds unity – it’s differences we overcome and it’s the differences we fall in love with.

Be it people or culture, differences are what we notice. The differences are what entice and the differences are what scare. It’s easy to collapse in fear; to shut our minds and guard our hearts. It’s easy to feel pride in what makes us different. But will faith in pride make us fear what is different, or will it embolden that same pride in others?

When we become proud of what makes us different it becomes our pride, we begin to own it. And when we own it, we might begin to fear we can lose it. Do the differences of others mean we should be less proud of ours? Perhaps that’s what they tell us, that their differences are better. Perhaps we shouldn’t listen.

Be proud of your differences. Find people who will support them. Find people who will help you explore them. And then do the same for others.

Do the same for others.

It’s the golden rule. It’s what governs OurPangea. It’s what we offer.

Here, we are proud to be different. We shout that we are different. It drives us. It’s our fuel. And we want to do the same for you. We want to hear you shout with us, “I am different too”.

OurPangea is here for you to share your differences with others. To find people who are also different, to connect with them and to meet them. We’ll start with one city, and hope to share how that one city is different. Imagine if other cities were proud that they were different too.

Our differences are what unite us, if only because we all are.


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