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Our Cultural Introduction

continents flag collage map

From looking at previous posts, it’s probably obvious that we at OurPangea consider history to be important. But one of the reasons we think it’s so critical to understand is because in the scope of global civilization, history is inescapable and cannot be limited to any singular culture. Not only can history not ignore any culture, it transcends all by examining the interactions of ethnic groups with different cultural customs. Comparing and contrasting these different cross-cultural exchanges sheds light on both historical and present-day events.

Indeed many of the historical events we have explored –like the spice trade and Erastothenes—are mainly significant because they involved the interaction between one culture with another.  Along this vein, in our posts over the next couple months we are going to explore some amazing cross-cultural partnerships that have effected society and imagine how we at OurPangea want to make an impact by empowering diverse cultures and societies to interact, connect more meaningfully, and hopefully lead to a more enhanced level of global understanding and congruence.

What if Alexander the Great had never conquested?  Or if Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay had not developed such a strong bond on the climb up Everest? It’s hard to imagine how our world might be different if the inter-mingling of cultures hadn’t occurred.  So over the next few months we’ll be exploring these ideas as a tribute to the wonderful cultural melting pot that embodies our world.


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