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How OurPangea Can Help You Change The World

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In the last several weeks we have been writing blog posts about how OurPangea can change the world. We have been talking about communities, education, and the importance of people, and how these relate to each other and our shared human history. All of these elements combine in the ways that OurPangea can change the world.

But OurPangea is not just an entity. We are only a small group of thinkers and writers and doers. What OurPangea needs is for people–those important people–to come together in the communities they love to change the world together. That’s what the spirit of OurPangea really is. It’s not for you to help us change the world, but for us to help you change the world. We want to help people like you who, across history, have shown the creativity and spark to make the world better for you and everyone. The only thing we can ever do is to hope to make it easier for you to change the world, the way you already do with your influence on the lives of your friends, family, and strangers.

Here at OurPangea we want to give you power to influence your communities, to share and collaborate making your community better for the world and the world better for your community. History has never truly had an opportunity like this for our future. For the first time, our technology has caught up to our ambition – we can stop longing for the future and start creating it, before our very own eyes. We can create the communities we desire; we can share ourselves with the world and explore the world to our deepest desires. Not only do we merely have the capability, but with OurPangea we also have the atmosphere of energy, excitement, trust, and community that comes as a part of joining the experience.

History is contextualized by its past, defined by its present, and a springboard to its future; it could be none of these without the extraordinary march of humanity building with each other and for each other. In a new, digital way, we here at OurPangea know that this march, full of the hopes and dreams of millions of ordinary people like you or me, is what will make our community of tomorrow shine forever.


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