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What We All Share: Our Sense Of Community

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Communities can consist of many things, and take many forms, but the only thing that is absolutely necessary for a community to form is people. Communities based around choices, decisions, beliefs, actions, hobbies, likes, dislikes – these all boil down to the most common of denominators: people. Whether they are tight-knit as a family unit, or a community based in geographic proximity, or a community spread across the entire world: a community can only be what its people are, and can only do what its people can, while the people use the community around them to strengthen themselves and each other. It is a cycle of growth and health that strengthens everyone involved and ultimately brings progress to the forefront of the future.

This is why OurPangea is focused on creating a new type of platform for communities. We believe that people should be able to share their communities better than the way they can as of right now. We believe that people should be able to share their hopes, their dreams, their passions, all the things every person holds dear. We believe there can always be a better way to introduce friends to one another, to introduce places and hobbies and events and actions to others. We believe this because we know everyone on this Earth can join in this belief with us, creating our Pangea community. Math or music may be universal languages but hopes and dreams are universal traits that have allowed the human race to become what we are today, and what we will be in the future. No matter what particular hope or dream or passion it may be, we all share in the experience of knowing what it is to build our hopes, to follow our passions, and to make our dreams come true.

OurPangea’s dream is the same. We believe we can better connect communities because of people like you joining with us in these dreams, and form communities where people join each other for their own dreams. Our dream is to connect all of these communities to help the people grow, and then in turn the communities will strengthen. We have hope for these communities and how they will impact the future. We have faith that the world can and will come together to create these communities. And we trust people, ordinary like you or I, to make that step and follow their dreams to create the world a better place within their own communities and for the community we all share in as human beings.


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