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How OurPangea Is Sharing And Creating History

What is history? An echo of the past in the future; a reflex from the future on the past. 
-Victor Hugo

open book dates year overlook city day

The past is history, but they also say history repeats itself. No one can deny that each of us lives with the lessons from our past; we know our experiences today will help us understand our future. Collectively we have learned more lessons than we can count and have a veritable catalog of seemingly endless guidance to inform our decisions and make our days easy.

It sounds like common sense, but imagine how different simple day to day decisions would be without leaning on our past. We’d be living in a world populated by Drew Barrymores from 50 First Dates, and no one wants that. It’s astounding to realize that literally everything we do is in some way building on what we’ve done before. Just think about how much your past influences your day to day life.

In our experience at OurPangea our team already has a catalog of lessons learned that are starting to shape our company’s future. We’ve identified, evaluated, and addressed a multitude of items that required a solution. And in most case building that solution started with comparing it to how we’ve previously solved problems. Even in articles from this blog’s brief past we touched on the importance of being mindful of how we all came to be, from our individual history to the past experiences of entire communities.

The unexpected always happens. Well, if OurPangea reminded us how we reacted to the unexpected last time, maybe we’d be less concerned about facing it in the future. Why shouldn’t we be the ones to record our own history? Voltaire once said that history should be written as a philosophy, but that implies that history needs to be written by someone.  What if we gave the responsibility—the power—of writing history not to one individual, but to us, ourselves by recording our day to day interactions and making them coalesce within an index that will record our day to day lives. OurPangea will give us the chance to look back at the lessons of our past easily and shape our futures from there.  It would put the entire catalog of human experience at our fingertips.


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