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Why You (And I) Need OurPangea Pt. III – Looking Back

The last two months here at OurPangea have flown by. We have grown and evolved immensely in the time I’ve been part of the team and our goal is getting clearer every day. The end of my internship is coming up, and I have learned so much about OurPangea’s mission to embrace the future of social innovation. It’s an experience I wouldn’t have traded for anything and is one I fully plan to continue after my internship here is over. I will be spreading the word and helping to coordinate community efforts even though my official position here at OurPangea is coming to an end. Why will I do this? Because OurPangea is important to me. Because I believe that our goals are important and I want them to succeed. Because I believe that OurPangea can change the world. OurPangea can be the greatest tool to bring together communities of all shapes and sizes from everywhere across the world or even across the street.

blue thumbtack pin paper motivational quote

But it’s not just me that needs it. You, reader, need it. All of us need it. The future is marked by increasingly doubtful frontiers, full of disparate connections. More and more, the internet is taking a central place in our lives – it is where we live to connect and share with our friends and family. To grow as a human species, we must learn to also connect and share as a global community, learning to discover and build our communities at home and involve ourselves with them. We must use new methods of connection combined with time-tested philosophies of togetherness, both online and offline. That is why OurPangea is so important. OurPangea can synergize these two worlds, the world of our connection online and offline to create a new type of platform that shares our wonderful ideas with each other, unified in our community’s purpose. We as a global community can work to inspire hope in one another and share our connections to make the entire world a better place.

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