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Why You (And I) Need OurPangea Pt. I

Over the last few weeks as I’ve been working with OurPangea, venturing out into the field to find and develop connections with a unique, deep-rooted community, one question has consistently come up.  It is an extremely important question, vital to the very foundation of this entire project, and without a proper answer OurPangea would never succeed.

“Why do I need it?” they ask. Why do I need OurPangea? What’s the worth to me? To my business, to my life, to my future, my family, friends, community? Why should we care at all?

I will attempt to answer this question over the coming weeks, through blog postings and developments of ideas we have thrown around in the OurPangea meeting room. Our last several sessions have been extremely productive in brainstorming and progressing our strategies for the future of the company. The most important goal has been defining and answering that question: Why do I need OurPangea? Why do you need it? Why would anybody need it at all?

The answer is not simple, and would take a comprehensive essay spanning back thousands of years to retell the psychological development of group theory across human history from caves and fire to spaceships and cat pictures on the Internet. But I am no psychologist, or much of a historian. I think the approach would be much more interesting as told from the perspective of someone who sees the limitless potential of a fantastic new way of thinking. It’s an old adage from a thousand children’s books – the power of friendship and working together can make all the difference in the world. It does seem a little simple, but its applications are everywhere. Marriage is a team effort, as are business efforts and creative endeavors. Sports teams have it in their titles, even. A group is always greater than the sum of its parts because of the synergistic togetherness of teamwork.

hands in teamwork colorful culture smile

Right now, the Internet does not use teamwork in any way. Facebook is about the individual, emails are one-on-one contact, and everything is designed to give the singular you, the user, your singular personalized best experience. While that is good, it misses on a vital aspect of human experience in community, togetherness, and teamwork. OurPangea is a tool to create those communal aspects while not losing the individual personalization that made the Internet what it is today. We seek to create a community of creators, thinkers, workers, achievers, and believers, and to bring those people together in a strong community of friendship and teamwork.

That is not only why OurPangea needs us, it’s why we need OurPangea.

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