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A New Perspective

The world is, in so many ways, connected. It is connected through worlds within worlds of its own. Worlds of art, worlds of culture, worlds of history and anthropology. Worlds of cities and skyscrapers, of forests and oceans, where all the known and unknown forces of the universe collide to create a force greater than life itself. It is connected through worlds of people, sharing themselves with one another and with all these worlds. This intangible connection is the greatest of them all.

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Through the course of human history, we have always sought to effectively communicate and connect with others on any meaningful level we could. It began with writing, the shared knowledge of the creative and philosophical arts, and has continued today to the marvels of the Internet and social networking. It is with great excitement, then, that I have joined the OurPangea team. OurPangea is an attempt to create these connections in bold new ways to improve how we interact, both online and in “real life”. Specifically, it is a new type of network – not a social network, but a Community Network. It will focus on recreating and improving our social model so that we can more easily share and connect with one another and create a better world for all of our communities.

In my personal opinion, I strongly believe that the mission behind OurPangea is something to strive for. With the help of communities everywhere from humble beginnings at the University of Texas to the entire world combined, it can become a revolution in the way we think, feel, and act as a world community, transcending the way we connect to one another and to our communities. Communities are made up of individuals, and individuals are a sum of their communities. This synergistic notion is the key aspect driving OurPangea forward. It is my belief that OurPangea’s mission will come to fruition when communities learn to interact with one another in an organic, collective way, and it is also my belief that this ideal is not very far off. From an idea to a tool to a website to a social movement, OurPangea represents the limitless potential of our communities and the individuals that populate them. It is my hope that this mission succeeds, because it is a mission that is desperately needed for the continued growth of humanity. I will do my absolute best to help this movement get off the ground because it is a cause I believe in, and more importantly it is a cause everyone can believe in. Together, we can combine all of our distant self-continents into one unified, collective (yet still individualistic) whole. We can create our own resurrection of Pangea.

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