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Introducing Alex Ricard, Our Branding Intern

I’m Alex Ricard, the latest member of the OurPangea team. Just as this project is a brave new frontier for the future of communities, it represents a new challenge for my life. Having just graduated from Texas State University earlier this year with a degree in Electronic Media, my life has undergone many changes in the last several months. I first became interested in OurPangea as a very curious consumer – I was entering new communities and leaving old ones, all the while working to network and develop connections for my own personal journey into the professional world. “Wow,” I remember thinking when I stumbled across the posting for this position. “This could be something incredible.”

Personally, the philosophy behind OurPangea is one that I actively embrace. Through my experiences growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, a small city with a big heart, I quickly learned the value of connection, community, and working together to create a new type of collaborative environment built on positive sharing of ideas.

Of course, I wanted to be as much of a part of this experience as possible. I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to join the team and contribute, because already in this position I have become very passionate about the possibilities and impacts OurPangea could bring to communities and the world.


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