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Meet Christina, Market Analyst Intern Extraordinaire!

christina lee profile introduction bio

We are excited to announce a few new team members that have joined the OurPangea Team these past couple weeks. The first we’d like to introduce is Christina Lee, our Market Analyst Intern. She’s already been a valuable addition to our team, so you should definitely read more to learn a little more about her!

Who is Christina Lee?

Christina spent most of her childhood in Korea and came back to the States to study abroad in ninth grade. She spent most of her time in high school making videos, composing music, singing, dancing and contributing to benefit concerts at her school.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign she started off with as a psychology major with the desire to learn more about how the human psyche works.  She quickly discovered a new passion in the field of Advertising and changed her focus to that, adding a Business minor in the process. She hopes her pursuits in Advertising will help her inspire people and influence decision-making thought processes using her understanding of psychology.

What Is Christina Doing at OurPangea?

Christina will be focusing on collecting valuable data and performing evaluations and analyses of the competitive landscape, notable trends, and community targets. Telecommuting all the way from Seoul, South Korea, Christina is our very first Market Analyst Intern and she will be playing a crucial role in helping us identify key opportunities for OurPangea.  We’re very happy to have her on board!

What Attracted Christina to OurPangea?

“I’m interested in OurPangea because it is about bridging the connections in communities to unite everyone for the purpose of broadening their perspectives. As you know the Internet has become a critical portion of our everyday lives and social networking also has grown so fast. Through OurPangea, I believe that we will create valuable connections and communication with each other through knowledge sharing and also help people to make the best use of their time. I feel very excited and privileged to work for OurPangea for the next two months!”


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