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This Is Not Medium-Ass Canvas, It’s Big Ass Canvas: A Look Back On Our First Sponsorship

street art viewers artists collaboration

For anyone who wasn’t in Austin to see Big Ass Canvas two weeks ago it was a very cool community experience and, we are proud to say, our first sponsorship opportunity.

street art sponsor collaborative project

When we met creators Zach Horvath and Travis Huse and learned about the idea they were putting together, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to encourage collaboration within the Austin community. The concept is centered around showing people what they can produce together through collaboration, and the execution worked perfectly in that regard. Zach and Travis put the Big Ass Mission best: “Big Ass Canvas is a cooperative art experiment that wants to bring in all the people of Austin…When great people come together with a common goal and a common focus…forget about it. It’s game over.”

On their giant blank canvas, the artistic contributions started out as a smattering of squiggles and doodles and very quickly transformed into a high-quality piece of art, which you can see in the amazing timelapse they put together after the fact.

Big Ass Canvas plans to post up a few more Canvases this month (Big Ass Canvas 2 is this Sunday, May 20th at Peria’s on 1400 S Congress), culminating in an Auction to sell these public works of art and raise funds for Explore Austin, a local non-profit that helps underprivileged kids with education and leadership experiences.

Zach and Travis are truly passionate about the same causes that we are and it was incredibly refreshing and encouraging to not only meet like-minded people, but see the powerful results of that mindset come to life through Big Ass Canvas. We look forward to the next canvas installments . Thanks again to the Big Ass Canvas team for letting us get involved with such a great project!

Do you have good examples of communities coming together or ideas that you think we should get involved in?

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