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An Introduction to OurPangea Part 3 of 4

Where Want To See The World Go

city globe villa vista panoramaWe started our story with dream to unite the world. The values we are striving to empower users with on OurPangea—community, collaboration, belonging, and ultimately a shared human identity—are building blocks that, when combined we believe will create more meaningful relationships and bring us closer to unity. OurPangea strives to create something that can transcend our online and offline worlds and be a harmonious bridge between them.

We know that a collaborative approach to problem solving—one that involves sharing different perspectives and strategies—often results in a better outcome than from one person with a single perspective and strategy.  We know that our community is everywhere.  We have great ideas that mesh well with the great ideas of others. But without access to or knowledge of those people and ideas, our abilities are limited.

As a human planet, we need a better way to exercise our freedom of expression. And there is no better tool to facilitate that than the Internet. It is a natural drive to be curious about the populations, cultures, and communities around our world.  But looking at unfamiliar cultures from afar doesn’t actually help us understand what it’s like to be within that community.  It’s important to have a better way to use our ability to express our perspectives to help us and others see what it is like to be a member of a different community. Social networks have already made the world smaller. We want to finally have a network to bring humans closer together.

When we have a tool that can help connect people with the understanding that together they can be great and allow us to gain outside perspectives of different cultures and communities we will be taking a step towards realizing the Internet’s true potential and beginning to harness the power of a collective, connected humanity.

In our first article this week, I wrote “Social networking has given us a way to share our lives with our friends and family from anywhere in the world.” We imagine a world where that is taken further.  We want that statement to read “Community Networking has given us a way to live our lives with anyone, anywhere.”

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