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The Questions Being Answered. A Personal Perspective On OurPangea.

green people shadows crowd togeher

My involvement in OurPangea began simply as a way to collaborate with Noah.  I’d been privy to some awesome projects he had pursued previously and just wanted to learn more. As I dove in, I started to realize the actual potential of the system and made the decision that OurPangea had to be more than a part-time hobby.

Jump to 2012.  Have you ever heard the idea that your actions can influence your thinking?  Well for me this was always the other way around.  My thoughts dictated my actions – in fact I worked hard to cultivate the skill of not acting without analyzing it first. Thankfully, OurPangea has changed that in me and I’m grateful.

Because promoting the OurPangea mission pushed me to get more involved in community service and social action, it has changed the way I perceive the communities I am in and convinced me that I actually do have the power to make a difference.

This has all led me to realize something.  OurPangea’s mission, the ambition of uniting the world is lofty, sure.  It certainly sounds noble and highbrowed.  But that’s not how we want people to perceive it.  It’s not about OurPangea the website. It’s about people and making the most of our abilities together. We care deeply about the company and its success, but what is really driving me is the idea behind the company and what OurPangea has the potential to do.

When you look at OurPangea, we want you to see me, Noah, and Rick. We want you to see your neighbor, your best friend, your community leaders.  We want you to use this site because you believe in the people around you and what we can accomplish together, not because of the company. Because you want to prove with us that we can do more for and with each other.

Why do we believe OurPangea can do it?  Because it answers the how and why behind our online connections. If social networking has given us the ability to connect, then Community Networking will give us the ability to understand how we are connected to each other and why that connection is important. People will not only see how their existing relationships are valuable, but also be able to envision what relationships could be valuable that are outside of their networks.  So our networks will start to grow along with the benefits we bring, which will spread from person to person and community to community.

OurPangea is a shell for the idea behind it. A way to encapsulate the essence of the true idea and empower people. It’s really about us as a people working together. And that’s it.

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