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A Project and A Mission. A Personal Perspective On OurPangea

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The two ways I look at OurPangea are as a project and a mission. As a project this is the most invigorating venture I could have taken on. And at 23 why not aim big? Every aspect of this company has to be designed and then built. When I was a kid I played with Legos more than I should have because I liked building things I designed. Now, I have a chance to build a company and I intend to make the most of it. The second, and quite frankly, more intriguing drive comes from what OurPangea represents as a mission. If you have a chance to build a company, why not build it to do something good?

Building the company is fun, but that’s my selfish motivation. What really pushes me is what this company might do. All aspects of this company have been designed around the sole purpose of creating a new medium to understand the world. The idea is that we all can benefit from being able to better understand the world around us. After graduating college I’ve lived in two cities over the past year. I’ve had a chance to appreciate how unknown the world around us is. When we’re in school there is a bubble community you have automatic access to. When we’re alone in the world, the game is quite different. It takes work to find friends you want to keep around, the people who are interested in doing the things you like to do, or even finding a last minute event on a Saturday. And the most basic limitation, you don’t really know where to start. These are all familiar issues we encounter and OurPangea is designed to solve them; once we do that, this only gets more interesting.

It’s one thing to not know what’s going on around you or who’s there, it’s another thing to realize how difficult it is to understand what it all means. What does living in Colorado Springs mean? What is the world like as a community member there? Is it any different than living in Austin? Chicago? You bet it is. It’s the diversity of culture, something we all experience on one level or another and it’s something that has been nearly imperceptible for the longest time. This lack of understanding is the fundamental issue OurPangea will solve.

For each of us using OurPangea we’ll benefit from getting to know the world around us, not just the world we’re familiar with. We’ll be able to join in and really connect with people we may never have met, and when we do we’ll feel like we’re a part of something. As we use the site, as we explore the different cities we’ll start to see what living in one place means to us, and to the people living there. We’ll start to understand what culture means and what it is. We’ll be able to see how similar our life is to everyone else’s, but also how different. And in the end, when everyone starts to see there is more to life than just themselves, we’ll have laid the foundation humanity needs to unite.

So it’s not just a lofty goal, it’s a lofty goal we can work towards. In the end, as much as I like building a company, what’s more important is building this idea. I want OurPangea to be the monument that reminds us how human we all are. I want to see how our similarities untie us, and then realize it’s the differences that make us special.

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