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A History of Communities

girl man bike cement lot summerThe world around us dominates our attention. The people we are talking to, the groups we are in, and the communities that provide for us define our reality. But what if we were able to travel back in time to the world that was around us? How would that make us feel? What would it make us think?

I just moved to Austin and I’m loving it here. I also just graduated from college and I loved it there too. I am here now and where I am is defining my current reality. What options I have, what places I’ll go, and to a degree what my future looks like. But what if I could go back in time and see what college was like while I was there? What if I could look up old friends by going back to the club we were in while we were both there? It wouldn’t just invoke memories, it would be the memory.

What if I could go farther? What if I could go back and see what my father’s life was like when he was in college? Would he be happy I could find that out? 

How about even farther? What if I could go back and see what life was like in colonial America? In tribal Africa? What if I had access to all of these communities, preserved through time? What would historians learn from these? What would I learn from these? Would I start to see how throughout all of humanity we have always valued the same things? That we have all fought to survive, love, and belong? Can you imagine if that was common knowledge?

Over time this is what OurPangea will do. It will allow us to travel back in time to places we used to be. To old conversations with old friends. And it will allow us to go even further, as far back as we put our history in it. Starting now, we’ll record our history and as much as we can we will fill in what’s happened. And not just our history, but all of history. On OurPangea we’ll be able to see not just our father’s past, but the past of someone on the opposite side of the world’s past.

With OurPangea, the world is a little smaller.

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