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The Why In Community

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For the longest time community was all we had. It was vital to survival. Over time we forged civilizations to support us, but our community roots never left, they adapted. Today, in the fast paced modern world a sense of community is as important as ever. We seek it out in the area surrounding us and we seek it out online. When we seek community online and offline we gain a sense of belonging from what we find. If only the two were more closely intertwined. 

What if I could use the Internet to find the communities around me? What if the communities around me were also online?

I can use if I know exactly what I am looking for, and even then it won’t drum up communities as readily as I’d like.

I can use to get in contact with the people I already know.

I can use to find a few events in my area or any other event site for that matter.

But there is nothing I can use to discover the communities around me and actually participate and feel welcome in them. The Internet remains its own place. There are some forum communities on the Internet but I can’t easily use these to meet new people in my area. The ability to find local communities is missing on the web, and inversely, real life communities don’t use the web to bridge the period of time the people are away.

If we created a place on the web to replicate the communities you’re a part of we’ll create a place where other people can go to find you, and where you can go to find them. We need to do a better job of using the web to create and aid communities. We need OurPangea.

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