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What’s A Hail To?

green letters hail to thanks

If you visited last week, you might have noticed that we added some new content to the Our Community page.

What we didn’t explain is what exactly a ‘Hail To’ is.

A Hail To is the OurPangea way to send a public thank you, write a recommendation, or simply make a shout out to someone.

To illustrate this, imagine you just spent some time with a local animal shelter. A Hail To would be a perfect way for the Shelter to send you a thank you acknowledging—or even recommending—a job well done.  A Hail To can provide a window to your community involvement and directly show the value you bring to the people around you.

We imagine the Hail To eventually having potential for virality akin to the Twitter #, and the relevancy of a LinkedIn recommendation. We’d like to make it a tool for recognizing Good, and for now, you can get your name up there as one of the first ‘Hailed To’ just by donating to our Kickstarter project!

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