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The Move Towards Collaboration

Social networking is arguably one of the greatest testaments to the ‘Me’ generation in terms of the way it has been used.  It has given us each another outlet for ego stroking by self-endorsing our favorite qualities about ourselves to the world.

Now that we are beginning to see the power of social media emerge on a global scale, we finally have the chance and ability to shape something that can come to create and define the ‘We’ Generation.

street sign direction way illustration

You may ask, can we really collaborate online beyond broadcasting our own statuses?  The definition of collaborate is “to work with another or others on a joint project,” and we say we can achieve that and more in an online networking atmosphere.

We’ve reached a pinnacle in the ability of the world to be connected and communicated. We’ve made great effort and taken huge strides in connecting the world, and it’s time to look towards our next pinnacle.  We have the power of a global community, it’s time to use that power to take our step towards uniting the world.  Now, more than ever before, we can do it together.

We say any barriers you can imagine to achieving true online collaboration are just that: barriers.  Obstacles can be overcome and, if you help us, we’d like to break them down.

We want to start with you and with all of us.  With OurPangea.

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