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The Passive Social Network I of III

What made the Internet explode, what makes it great, and what we want is collaboration. The Internet allows humans across all boundaries to communicate and create with one another. It’s the most productive and useful feature the Internet offers. And currently, the Internet is explosively energized and active.

Collaboration and discovery are what make the Internet great. Then we have social networking, which adds an element of identity to it all. green time passive stareOn the Internet you now have your ‘Facebook self’ for better or for worse. One good thing is the use of real names that humanizes the Internet.

Social networking creates a virtual representation of you, but only when you choose to input information. Have you ever looked at someone’s profile that has nothing on it? That’s because the design of a social network is passive in nature; it relies on its users to do the work for them.

And it’s ok, because there are clearly social networks that make that model work for them. For OurPangea, we want something more. We want to do more of the work for the user so they are freer to explore, collaborate, and experience things with their friends. And not all of the friends they have ever collected, the friends that are with them now; either through our site or because of where they live. We don’t want to be a passive network.

OurPangea will not be a passive network.

We will not restrict your life to what you know, where you live, or what you do. OurPangea will be an active network. It will be a network filled with people who want to collaborate with you, not stare at your profile. Social networks are like a mirror; they are a shadow of who you are. OurPangea will be like a vehicle you designed; built specifically to take you where you want to go and help you discover things you never expected.

Collaboration and discovery make the Internet great, and we want them to make OurPangea great too.

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