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What Do Social Networks Want to Mean to the World?

I am not in Mark Zuckerberg’s head. I do not know what he thinks or what he wants. I can look at his actions and guess what he wants, but that’s only what I see. Right now, he’s built a huge company that has trapped millions of users and soon he will IPO to make an enormous fortune. From that I can only surmise what he might want.

And what he wants is what Facebook wants: to keep on rolling. Facebook offers a service, but they need to ask themselves, what do they want their service to offer?

Other networks such as Twitter are seeing themselves transcend into something more than just their service and it’s very cool to watch.

Then, fresh out of the gate is OurPangea. From the get go what we are doing will mean something. We want our service to serve our purpose, not create it. We want to have a clear idea as to where we want to go and what we want to achieve. With OurPangea we want to unite the world. We won’t get it all done at once, but we will take the first step and never stop.

And the first step is going to be spreading information about our culture and other cultures faster and more accurately. We want to not only capture what our culture is, but also that of others so we can explore, discover, and share what’s great around the world.

In short we want to reduce all time and space between humans on our planet. Sounds crazy, but we’ll do it.

green crowd spotlight matrix drones 1984

We also want to explore what free self expression can do for the world. We’re talking about creating a place where our own free self expression is how we define ourselves. There is no false profile that “is” you. We will help you represent a pure expression of yourself and provide the comfort you might need to start coming out of your shell.

What you listen to and what you do is a glimpse into who you are.

Your self expression is your art, and your art is a mirror of you. Right now, we have so few tools to freely express ourselves, so OurPangea will be used to create new tools that help.

Facebook is a self expression of Zuck. OurPangea will be an expression of us. OurPangea gives us spotlights and audiences to perform with. It might be for people you know, it might be for strangers, but whichever it is, it will be for people you choose.

Our culture is made from the collective and OurPangea wants to shine a light on all of it. We want to pull it away from the ground and expose it to more light. It’s going to be mind opening when we know what is going on around the world and not just around us.

This is Step 1.

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