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Let the CrowdFunding begin! We Need Your Help!

Support OurPangea!

Hello Pangeans,
It’s time to begin the crowdfunding campaign! We’ll be announcing our project on Kickstarter and we’ve just launched a campaign on, which you can learn more about here:

IndieGoGo Project

What’s in it for you, you ask?  Good question.  For each site the rewards and criteria will be different, but donating on any site will give you the good feeling of literally having a hand in uniting the world!  Here’s what you can expect to receive as a thank you from our team on IndieGogo:

$1: A public shout out on our site “hail to… (your name) for supporting us!” on our public Community page
Limited edition posters from OP shipped to you
Limited edition t-shirt that lets others know you got on the bandwagon early.
First access to private site prototype
A full OurPangea package!  Posters, a t-shirt, and shout out on the OurPangea home pages
Be one of the founding groups. Donate $1000+ and we’ll make you a custom group!

How else can you help?
Send the word out to all your friends!  We appreciate support in all forms and are thankful for all the help you give!

Here are a few other places to check out and support our projects:

Rocket Hub

We’re kicking off our Kickstarter campaign and all the other crowd funding projects so everyone can have a hand in building OurPangea together.

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