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Today Social Media is Everywhere. That’s why it is so important we do it right.

The evolution of social media and the internet has brought about a new age of social interaction and the phenomenon has extended its reach into almost every aspect of modern life. As it stands today, social media has played significant roles in the way we see and conduct our own personal, philosophical and business lives. It has given us a way to share ideas and stay in touch like never before, but to what extent has it done so?

Social media has changed the way we do business and has allowed the world economy to reinvent itself. Although not all businesses have adopted the model, many of the most successful businesses have strived to find new, innovative ways to reach out to their customers and clients. A surge in companies who use Twitter to spread ideas and promote their products to consumers has brought about a whole new era of opt-in advertising. This model has proven quite successful for many companies and has offered a whole new window of self-reflection that never existed before now. Job hunters can now search job listings and network with recruiters using services such as LinkedIn. They can also promote themselves using services such as WordPress blogs, Twitter and Flickr. Furthermore, internet analytics have given marketers new, scientific ways to gauge consumer behavior and streamline marketing efficiency online. The entire landscape of the job market and economy has been forever altered on such a fundamental level that it has been difficult for some to keep up with the changes. However, it is safe to say that these changes are here to stay.

Social media has also played pivotal roles in some of the most momentous political movements of the last few years. President Obama was able to garner unprecedented support from young voters through his use of social media during his first presidential campaign and several politicians have followed suit with their own campaigns in this election. Many facets of the Arab Spring were organized through social media, bringing about an end to several of the harsher dictatorships in the Middle East. Vladimir Putin is seeing his grasp of Russian politics slip with similar coordination amongst business class Russians in Moscow. Here in the States, we have seen the Occupy Movement put the squeeze on our own government. None of these movements would have garnered the same volume of support had it not been for these new online tools.

On a personal level, social media serves a great purpose. It is a tangible record of the lives each of us has influenced and been influenced by. It is a way to share, a way to stay in touch with those we care most about. On the most basic level, our social networks serve as a reminder that we are not alone.

Social media on the internet has changed the way the world sees and conducts itself. It has provided a platform for the sharing of ideas and the mobilization of political and philosophical movements. It has provided new strategies and insights into how business is conducted in our modern economy. It has created a new level of accountability that did not exist before and, with all of the proposals that have been put forth concerning the use of the internet, it is clear that some people fear its potential. It is for all of these reasons that the optimization of these tools has become so paramount. If we are to realize our true potential as individuals and as a society, it is crucial that we realize the full potential of the tools we will use to do so.

Social media has done a great deal to change the way we see our world. OurPangea has the potential to unite it.


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