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The Dream of a United World

Our world has always been a divided one. For as long as we can remember there have been conflicts over resources, ideology and religion. Today’s world is no different. American politics have strayed so far to the left or right that we can hardly agree on anything anymore. Although we’ve taken substantial strides in the last hundred years, our culture is still plagued by racism, xenophobia and class warfare. As you walk down the street, it’s unusual to see someone who is not plugged into some form of MP3 player. The economy sucks. People don’t volunteer anymore. Kids are living sedentary lifestyles. People are angry. People are so angry in fact that many have taken to the streets in protest.

The concept of the “other” and the claim that one party has moral superiority over another has long prevailed and kept us from seeing one of the infallible truths of life: in many ways, all people are the same, but it is our differences that make us special.

While social media has resulted in some very positive changes, particularly in the last few years, it has also done much to exacerbate some of the most fundamental flaws of how we interact with our neighbors in this global community. It is easy to spread hatred and falsehood while hiding behind a computer screen. It’s easy to make assumptions about others when you haven’t walked in their shoes or looked them in the eye. It’s easy to be afraid of what you don’t really know. Most importantly, it’s easy to get lost and never really learn anything with the current system that governs our online interactions.

We believe that the world deserves better.

The Internet is a powerful tool that can divide us or unite us depending on how it’s used. There is much to learn from the differences between people, cultures, neighborhoods, philosophies, languages and ways of life. Some of the most important elements of modern civilization have stemmed from the sharing of ideas. The Greeks taught us about democracy. The Arabs gave us mathematics and some of the foundations of modern medicine. A German gave us the printing press, an Italian taught us that the Earth is not at the center of the universe and two Americans taught the world to fly.

We think that means something.

We think that the world deserves an outlet for the sharing of knowledge, perspective and discovery to foster our collective growth as a people. Current social networks simply can’t do this. How can people expand their horizons if we only interact with the people we know? How can we encourage curiosity in others when they are so focused on the familiar? How can we engage and learn from others without leaving our own homes

The time has come for a resource that can bring people together by allowing them to share and actively participate in the things they most love. We need an outlet that will not only allow, but also encourage people to come together to share ideas. We need a way to meet people we may have never met otherwise and to form and maintain meaningful connections with those people. It’s time for us to teach the world what we know and to learn what others have to share. The time has come for us to discover what we as individuals have to offer the world and to unlock the full potential of our collective might.

The time has come for OurPangea. OurPangea will unite the world.

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