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The Potential and Possibilities of a United World

We are lucky. We get to spend the next few months counting down our remaining days and speculating on how the world might end. In December 2012 we can expect the rise of a robot army, a nuclear war, the ozone collapsing or really anything that might end the world as we know it.

Why not unity?

In 2012 we will experience the beginning of the end of our world and we will celebrate it. All of the racism, hatred, and endless competition will begin to end. In this millennia we have a chance to start over. We as a people will not only achieve unity, we will also realize harmony. The green revolution is unstoppable and we are starting to remember that we have one planet to protect and share. We all have the sneaking suspicion that maybe we made a mistake. That maybe we need to switch and find a way to start over. We are remembering that a united humanity on our world is the most compelling and final goal humanity can hope to achieve on planet Earth. And we’re at the starting line, it begins now.

For the first time in the history of man unity is possible. We have constructed the greatest tool known to mankind, The Internet. Never before has the free flow of information, expression, and communication been possible. And now that it is, we need to ask ourselves what exactly do we want to achieve with it? Do we want to see its full potential?

When we dream of the future we always hope things will become better. In the future there is no petty squabbling, there is no pain and suffering, there is only utopia. The empire of harmony and hope exists only in the future. And the only way to get there is through today. So tonight we will dream of unity, so that tomorrow we may begin to forge it. Unity requires no resources, it only requires an open mind and willingness to try.

And with an open mind we can imagine what splendors the future holds. On our planet, on planet Earth, on the human planet we can realize unity. The earth has been united before, it was Pangea – the single complete landmass that united the world. Today, we will resurrect OurPangea and through it we will realize the dream of unity.

When we are united we will be fulfilled. We will be free to express ourselves, and through our expression we will gain true freedom. We will be able to act without judgment, experience without hate, and celebrate all of the small things that make each of us unique yet similar.

When we are united we will achieve true freedom. Freedom through self expression – there is no freedom more desirable or pure. When we are free to express ourselves we rid ourselves of all fear and learn to live fully.

The riches of the world will come to light, no longer obstructed by the protective veil we use to hide them now. The glory and wealth of all the world’s cultures can be shared, experienced, and created. The richness of each individual and every collective will be put on display for all to marvel at. When the world is united, humanity will finally be free. You will be free.

Now, the question is not when, but how? Look to the future and its empire of hope. Look to the future and stand in awe as OurPangea is resurrected from the dust and ruins of our past. Learn to celebrate your life and in doing so celebrate the lives of all others.

Our planet is too small for us to keep fighting. Our planet needs OurPangea. And we need unity.

Embrace it. OurPangea will unite the world.

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