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Recent developments in the tech sphere have helped people begin to realize the world-changing potential of a connected and collaborating online world. To the co-founders of Noah Simon and Ari Franklin, realizations such as this are just the tip of the iceberg for something much more exciting. These two have created, an entirely new approach to social networking.

OurPangea has been conceived to answer some of the most pressing questions of how social networking can take the next great leap in creating more rewarding experiences for users. It is a new kind of network that allows individuals to collaborate with others that share their passions and make lasting impacts on their communities. The system combines different elements from existing online networking models to create a uniquely flexible and engaging experience that flips social networking on its head.

“We’re hoping this proves how woefully inadequate social networks are. While they’re great for things like ads, social networking really leaves a lot to be desired,” says Simon. “We’re on the verge of discovering a new facet of our civilization and it’s exciting. The dream of a united world is pretty much spitting in our faces, daring us to come closer, and we want to meet it head on.”

Simon and Franklin believe in the power of collaborative thinking and hope it can bring about a new age of global interaction, but they believe that current social networks cannot accomplish this goal, arguing that despite all the connections people make on social networking platforms they are ending up feeling less involved in their communities. “Social networks do not give us a sense of belonging. They have demonstrated that people like to be connected to one another but connection alone misses a lot,” Simon continues. “We are all hoping for something more. We all want to be a part of something bigger, and OurPangea will provide that. Once we connect with other users, the site gives those connections meaning and provides the tools that will make interacting and working together easier than ever before.”

Increased speculation surrounding the future of social networks and the recently-popular concept of interest-based community discovery networks including Pinterest and Instagram have been indicative of what users are looking for. “Beyond users wanting something new, the Internet is ready for a completely different type of network, and OurPangea was conceived with this in mind. Everyone wants to understand what our networks can mean to us and use that knowledge to improve our interactions with the world we live in,” explains Franklin. is entering Series A funding and will be participating in Crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter. The site is in development and its private release is anticipated in the coming months. The OurPangea team is excited to see this network’s tools bring about an entirely new online experience that will change the way people interact both online and offline. To learn more, sign-up for updates at and visit the blog at

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