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United By What We Love

United by what we love.

Every person is unique. Every person is a product of their own experiences, friends, family and philosophy. Most importantly, every person interprets their own reality in different ways.

One of the most rewarding experiences in life is when you look into someone’s eyes and have that moment of true, mutual understanding and admiration. Sometimes the person who shares that moment with you comes from a very similar upbringing and sometimes that person comes from an environment completely different from your own. It’s during those moments that a simple truth about life becomes clear; people are people and finding friends, family and acquaintances with whom you can share those moments is part of what makes life worth living.

For some, meeting people can be a scary, awkward experience. You’re worried about making that new person like you, you’re desperately groping for anything to talk about, for common interests, mutual friends, anything. Now imagine a place where that initial awkwardness fades away and common interests prevail.

With OurPangea, users will be able to connect with people based on location, common interests and affiliations. If you want to find a group of people who like to jog along the lakefront on Thursday mornings, look no further than your local jogging enthusiasts group. If you volunteer with a local charity and want to look for new ideas to become more efficient, OurPangea makes it easy to find other, similar charities in the same area who can give you some pointers.

The point is that OurPangea is hoping to take the next giant leap for social networking by bringing people together who may have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. By giving people new tools to make their everyday lives and passions just a little bit easier, we know that we can bring people together, making the world a better and more enjoyable place for all.

OurPangea will allow you to discover and connect with new individuals, groups, clubs and local businesses, create public groups to meet new people or private groups to stay in touch with friends. It will allow more flexibility than ever before while allowing you to use as much discretion as you wish. It’s time social networking took a different stance than the current “all-or-nothing” approach. Life is complicated and we deserve a network that will reflect that. We deserve a network that will help enhance every aspect of our lives, both online and offline. We deserve OurPangea.

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  1. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

    February 19, 2012

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